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Pharma X C2 = Continuous Improvement of Capability and Culture

By: John Cassimatis & Andrew Hunter Topics: Pharmaceutical Industry, Process Improvement Date: April 23,2014 Publication: Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor The economic challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry are well documented.  There are significant pressures to launch new products as patents expire and reduce costs – from overhead to promotion to manufacturing.  At...

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Destroying the Big Data Myth

By: Joy Taylor Topics: Big Data, Data Analytics Date: April 23,2014 Publication: Tidemark What matters most with Big Data? Turning it into something companies can really use. Big Data has always been a kind of siren song to executives, as if it held the answers to all their problems. “If...

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How to Use Regulatory Operations as a Competitive Advantage in Emerging Markets

By: Amy Flynn & Vicki LaRosa Topics: Regulatory Operations, Competitive Advantage, Growth Strategy, Medical Device Date: April 23, 2014 Publication: MDDI Regulatory and Compliance Efficient regulatory execution is the key to a successful growth strategy in hard-to-navigate emerging markets. The regulatory team has always been considered a strategic business partner...

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TayganPoint Sponsors Fearless Femme Racing

Topic(s): Fearless Femme Racing, Women’s Cycling, Corporate Sponsorship Date: April 18, 2014 TayganPoint is proud to announce their sponsorship of Fearless Femme Racing, a locally-based women’s cycling team and a part of Pure Energy Cycling.  While the team is new and consists of fewer than six members, the assembly of...

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Creating Positive Communications with the FDA

By: Denise Myshko, featuring John Cassimatis Topics: Pharmaceutical Industry, Regulatory Date: April, 2014 Publication: PharmaVoice A critical success factor in the regulatory review process is clear and frequent communications to ensure a smooth and efficient review of an application.  Navigating the regulatory review process can be challenging.  Industry experts say...

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Strengthening Compliance Through Effective Process Management

By: John Cassimatis and Tom Rosella Topics: Pharmaceutical Industry, Regulatory Compliance, Process Management, Cost Reduction Date: April 9, 2014 Publication: Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor The pharmaceutical industry is facing a number of key challenges, including complying with rigorous regulatory requirements, improving productivity, reducing costs, and finding new sources of revenue.  Pharmaceutical...

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Can your Network Handle Big Data

By: Joy Taylor Topics: Technology, Big Data Date: April 9, 2014 Publication: Dell’s Tech One Page Companies both large and small are investing in big data.  The smart ones prepare well and upgrade their information technology infrastructure to ensure their networks can handle the increased traffic.  Others find themselves scrambling...

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