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October | 2014 | TayganPoint Consulting Group

Archives: October 2014

Leveraging Shared Service for Competitive Advantage

By:  John Cassimatis Topics:  Shared Services, Selective Outsourcing, Continuous Improvement Date:  Fall 2014 Publication: TayganPoint Consulting Group Newsletter Companies across many industries are faced with increasing pressures to improve productivity, reduce costs, and comply with ever increasing complex regulatory requirements while at the same time increase revenues and market share. Shared...

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Top 5 Landmines During M&A Integration

How can organizations ensure both a successful M&A initiative and increased shareholder value? The key is to avoid “landmines” that can derail a potentially successful deal. Here are the top 5 issues that must be addressed, preferably before even the negotiation stage. #1   Realistic, achievable, and documented goals of...

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