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July | 2015 | TayganPoint Consulting Group

Archives: July 2015

The Need for Speed: Shortening the IT Timeline

By:  Jackie Misiak, Consultant, TayganPoint Topics:  IT Transformation Date:  July 15, 2015 Publication:  TayganPoint Quarterly Newsletter (Summer 2015) It’s daunting – being stuck in a holding pattern as you look eagerly to your IT team to implement the technology components of your business transformation.  To compound your growing (yet controlled)...

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Paradigm Shift: Issues Facing Today’s CIO

Gone are the days of a company’s lone “IT person” – a mysterious and omniscient entity, sitting in an over-sized coat closet with fans running 24/7 to keep servers cool as they answered endless questions related to all things related to corporate technology. By:  Joan Walker, Sr. Consultant, TayganPoint Evolution...

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How to Avoid Pitfalls in Change Management Projects

In today’s business environment there is an ever-increasing need for experts who can help an organization successfully navigate change. The focus of this movement to date has been on how these teams can partner with an organization to define education, training and communication platforms that help to support the change...

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Video: What Are The Key Drivers Of Growth?

Featuring:  Joy Taylor Topics:  Key Drivers of Growth, EY Strategic Growth Forum Date:  July 10, 2015 Media Source:  Forbes People are a key driver of growth. You want to hire people who are smarter than you, continue to motivate them and develop a strong culture.  But that’s not to say...

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