Archives: September 2015

Exercising your Ask Muscle: Ask for the Job

  Humble Beginnings I got my first job when I was 16, working behind the counter of a Honeybaked Ham Company store in Clearwater, FL. At that age, regardless of gender, you’re on par with everyone else wrapping sticky pork shanks in tin foil and plastic netting. It doesn’t take a...

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Hire Consultants: Squeezing the Most Value From Your Consulting Engagements Part II: The Honeymoon Period

Contributed by:  John Nolan, Consultant, TayganPoint Consulting Group All the pre-work has been done, the contracts signed and consultants are on their way.   These next two weeks are crucial to getting these new assets up and running.  Responsibility lies with both parties, but the honeymoon period is short and no...

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Emerging Technology: Catching the Next Wave

Surfers catch waves by paddling towards the shore. Their timing matched to the speed of the wave, they make their move from prone to upright and ride the crest of the wave with their board just ahead of the breaking water. Jumping on a wave too early leads nowhere and...

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The IT Strategy Monograph:  Evolving Strategically with IT Shared Services

Top CIOs have come to understand the need to materially contribute to shareholder value.  As this role continues to evolve IT services from “parity function status” to “strategic enterprise partner”, even greater attention has been placed on security issues and staying current with hot technologies. Beyond the ‘hot-button’ topics of...

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Can You Tweet Change? Social Media and Change Management

With the explosion of social media, most businesses have adopted it in some way within their organization.   A recent survey noted that nearly 90% of businesses now use social media for business purposes, but at the same time 36% of employers are actively blocking access to social media sites for...

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