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5th annual Bikes – Beers – and Grub | TayganPoint Consulting Group

5th annual Bikes – Beers – and Grub

On the evening of August 22nd, TayganPoint co-hosted its 5th annual Bikes – Beers – and Grub event at Pure Energy Cycling in Lambertville, NJ. As each member of the cycling community arrived, excitement for the main event became more palpable. The impressive array of bikes and cycling gear made it clear that the local cycling community is passionate about their beloved sport. Rest assured, the TayganPoint riders were equally impressive. What they may have lacked in experience and technique, they more than made up for with enthusiasm and determination. Even Mother Nature seemed to kick back and cool off for a while.

When the mingling and chatting hit a fever pitch, co-hosts John Cassimatis, and Pure Energy owner, Arounkone Sananikone, began the event with an inspirational and heartfelt welcome to all participants. Congratulations was also paid to Fearless Femme, Rebecca Wiasak, for being the 2018 Australian Criterium National Champ. Rebecca is also a 2-Time Cycling World Champ!

The Fearless Femme are a dynamic group of professional athletes and career women who mentor future leaders to pursue their dreams “with strength, positivity, and passion.” The Femme exemplify the character-building benefits of competitive cycling and eagerly promote the sport’s personal development potential.

As the riding commenced, Rebecca was accompanied by fellow Fearless Femme members Arley Kemmerer, Taryn Mudge, and Rachel Rubino, who graciously joined the crew of biking enthusiasts. Cyclists were divided into four groups based on self-designated skill level, as well as destination. While some opted for an intense fast-paced ride, others chose a more leisurely cruise around town. Regardless of the pace or route, it was obvious that everyone was enjoying the shared experience and camaraderie.

Eventually, the riders returned, welcomed back by the delicious aroma of a Mexican buffet dinner. Animated conversations over plates of enchiladas quickly ensued, proving once again the positive power of Bikes – Beer – and ‘grub.

Contributed by Lynne Keenan | Office Manager | TayganPoint Consulting Group

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