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Large pharma companies know that to remain competitive in the marketplace, they need to transform. And, that in order for this transformation to occur that they would need a plan in place that included the training and development of human capital to lead and execute it.

Executive Summary

We believe many organizations have made the investment to educate, train and prepare and are now better equipped to move forward. But, according to our survey, one of the top pressures still impacting their transformation is personnel.

This begs the question, do organizations have the leadership and stamina it takes to see a vision through to the end? It’s a rigorous journey that requires staying the course and building for long-term sustainment of the transformation while you strive to avoid distraction from flashy, new, competitive differentiators.

Joy Taylor, Co-founder and CEO & John Cassimatis, Co-founder and President

Do you have the necessary resources in place to see your transformation through to completion?

Only 2% of those surveyed responded that they have completed their transformation.

Historically, organizations thought transforming was performing a handful of process improvements, or changing the organizational structure of a department. But today, they are embracing the holistic meaning of transforming - making a dramatic change in form, appearance, charter and process. Transforming is a complete shake up and takes much more than a small, part time team to succeed.

Companies continue to move toward technology-driven end-to-end process transformation, impacting all segments of the value chain. And they are getting better at articulating and communicating the transformation to both employees and the external environment as well. Stronger digital focus and online presence has become an imperative - it’s where patients find data and communicate. This strategy-shift is further enabling companies to be more agile and more flexible as they take advantage of new marketplace opportunities.

As we’ve seen, transformations will continue to deeply challenge organizations until they fully understand and embrace the immense level of commitment, investment and resources required to effectively prepare the enterprise and successfully execute on their business transformation.

Organizations are only now seeing the full landscape of what transforming means.

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