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Exercising your Ask Muscle: Ask for the Job

  Humble Beginnings I got my first job when I was 16, working behind the counter of a Honeybaked Ham Company store in Clearwater, FL. At that age, regardless of gender, you’re on par with everyone else wrapping sticky pork shanks in tin foil and plastic netting. It doesn’t take a...

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The Need for Speed: Shortening the IT Timeline

By:  Jackie Misiak, Consultant, TayganPoint Topics:  IT Transformation Date:  July 15, 2015 Publication:  TayganPoint Quarterly Newsletter (Summer 2015) It’s daunting – being stuck in a holding pattern as you look eagerly to your IT team to implement the technology components of your business transformation.  To compound your growing (yet controlled)...

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Paradigm Shift: Issues Facing Today’s CIO

Gone are the days of a company’s lone “IT person” – a mysterious and omniscient entity, sitting in an over-sized coat closet with fans running 24/7 to keep servers cool as they answered endless questions related to all things related to corporate technology. By:  Joan Walker, Sr. Consultant, TayganPoint Evolution...

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Sparking Innovation in a BioPharma Environment

By:  Mike Kinnear Topics:  Innovation, BioPharma Date:  Spring 2015 Publication: TayganPoint Consulting Group Newsletter Fostering innovation and creativity in BioPharma organizations can be disheartening. The barriers to innovation success are many.  But they are not unsurmountable.  It’s all about approach – blending the inherent rigidity of the BioPharma industry with the...

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Innovation Saturation

By:  John Collins Topics:  Innovation Date:  Spring 2015 Publication: TayganPoint Consulting Group Newsletter Whether it’s in medicine, computing or communications, we’ve become accustomed to the increasing pace of innovation. So, at a time when new and often disruptive technologies seem to be appearing every day, is it getting easier or harder...

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A Culture of Innovation

By:  Josh Holden Topics:  Innovation, Workforce Transformation Date:  Spring 2015 Publication: TayganPoint Consulting Group Newsletter Companies construct vision and mission statements and define company goals around the concept and executives instruct their teams to drive productivity and efficiency through innovation. Unfortunately, it is assumed that innovation is not only understood by...

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The Multi-Sourcing Strategy: Leveraging Multiple Suppliers for Optimal Performance

By:  John Collins Topics:  Multi-sourcing, Outsourcing Date:  Winter 2014 Publication: TayganPoint Consulting Group Newsletter Multi-tool, multi-channel, multi-use, multi-service, multi-task.  In our lightning-fast , high-demand society, nothing is content to serve a singular purpose anymore. That brings us to yet another “multi” to mull over – Multi-Sourcing.  This has become the latest trend...

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Leveraging Shared Service for Competitive Advantage

By:  John Cassimatis Topics:  Shared Services, Selective Outsourcing, Continuous Improvement Date:  Fall 2014 Publication: TayganPoint Consulting Group Newsletter Companies across many industries are faced with increasing pressures to improve productivity, reduce costs, and comply with ever increasing complex regulatory requirements while at the same time increase revenues and market share. Shared...

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