GLIMS GAP ASSESSMENT: Pre-work, Site Visit & Workshop

GLIMS Global core team and The workshop included a total of 20 attendees from Brinny, Ballydine, Mirabel, Cramlington, ESU, and Cherokee sites the sites meet in person at Cramlington for week long workshop to discuss gaps and develop a remediation plan to ensure successful deployment of Core & EM Modules....

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PLANNED 7 RELEASE: Core and EM Module Update

Core and EM Modules Update with Release 7 are on track to release on February 16th in support of Durham and West Point sites. The release includes: Allow use of Helium Particle Counting Instrument Collect It! / EM Sampling Workflow Issues Grouping of samples Operations to be able to pause routine...

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Social Responsibility: Life Science Leadership’s Next Secret Weapon

Entering Merck soon after Ken Frazier stepped down from President Trump’s Manufacturing Council, I was struck with newfound feelings of trust, connection and pride. Walking the halls, I found hundreds of people, from all backgrounds, ethnicities, ages enroute to contribute to Merck, it’s vision, and its mission. With recent events...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Business Transformation

On Oct. 12 Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association hosted a panel exploring the successes and failures of business transformation in life sciences. The panelists, who have all thankfully lived to tell the tale, shared their transformation do’s and don’ts based on pitfalls and successes of their endeavors. Transformation truly touches every level of...

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NATALIE GERDT LOTIER  | Vice President and Head of Established Brand Operations Bristol Myers Squibb

NATALIE GERDT LOTIER   Vice President and Head of Established Brand Operations Bristol Myers Squibb A strategic, innovative and visionary executive in global supply chain & manufacturing, Natalie has over 25 years of deep and broad experience in the Biopharma industry. In her current role, she is defining an integrated multi-functional...

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