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Client Services Transformation

Our client is one of the fastest growing divisions of a leading life sciences organization. For over 20 years, our client has been the leader in their industry and has been exposed to large multinational clinical trials and a significant number of protocols across all therapeutic areas. As a result, our client has developed the industry’s leading practices.

Challenge + Opportunity
Our client’s primary source of business is from big pharma. These customers have a well-defined clinical development process that our client needs to follow. As a result, big pharma customers are very directive in nature. Our client’s secondary but more profitable source of business is bio-tech and small to mid-size pharma. These customers tend to have clinical development processes that are typically less mature, thus they seek a more consultative business relationship from their clinical development partners. Our client had voice of the customer evidence that both customer groups were not satisfied with their customer experiences and were requesting change.
The client had captured detailed voice of the customer data that pointed to two major needs – develop a globally consistent and more efficient process and imbue the organization with a more customer-centric mindset. Our client’s initial response was to create a client-facing role to care for the growing global needs of both client groups. This was recognized as an initial first step to quickly improve the customer experience; however, this solution didn’t address the underlying root causes of customers’ dissatisfaction. We were engaged to:

  • Help design a standard, global business model for client services that will deliver the desired customer experience.
  • Develop and execute a change management strategy to facilitate executive alignment and help overcome organizational resistance of shifting to the new model.

Approach + Solution
TayganPoint started by creating a framework to highlight the existing interfaces between our client and their customers. From there, we drilled deeper into this relationship and developed a “customer journey map” highlighting the most critical customer interaction points. Although the journey map (and interaction points) were similar between the two customer segments, how the interactions were conducted needed to change to accommodate the needs of each customer group.
To better understand the drivers of our client’s current performance, we developed a standard interview guide based on the customer journey map and used it to interview ~100 employees in key operating countries. These interviews were structured to both share information pertaining to the need for a new business model as well as extract information about the existing model. Discussions focused on gathering existing best practices and identifying opportunities to improve the customer’s experience at all customer interaction points. The interviews were a critical step in the change management process, and the resulting information enabled us to highlight similarities and differences across sites, as well as document potential operating gaps between customer needs and business wants.
To obtain leadership alignment on the future direction for Client Services, we facilitated a series of regional and global workshops to validate current state performance, align on quick wins, agree on existing operating gaps, develop the future-state client services business model, prioritize and sequence changes required, and develop a multi-year client services transformation plan.
Lastly, to increase staff engagement and foster alignment, we chartered cross-site project teams to implement the changes identified in the client services transformation plan and developed a comprehensive change management and communication plan to provide ongoing employee communications.

Results + Impact
TayganPoint obtained executive alignment and delivered a client services strategy and transformation plan that will significantly improve customer experience, while developing a more efficient global business model. Key deliverables from this engagement include:

  • Client Services Business Strategy (desired business outcomes, strategic priorities, business imperatives);
  • Significant number of quick wins to rapidly improve performance and enhance customer experience with minimal investment required;
  • Alignment on existing best practices to leverage as part of the new global client services business model;
  • Prioritized list of improvement opportunities, organized and sequenced into a multi-year transformation plan (includes team structure, high-level work plans and resources required);
  • Change management and communication plan focused on engaging key stakeholders and motivating employees.

Finally, success is also evidenced by the cross organizational, cultural alignment and commitment around the priorities for client services transformation and ownership of the new client services business model.

About TayganPoint
TayganPoint is a management consulting firm focused on dynamic business transformation. Aligning people, process, culture and technology, they combine deep experience in strategy alignment, process improvement, change management and program management with extensive industry knowledge in Life Science, Financial Services, Healthcare and Energy. TayganPoint delivers high value operations solutions that improve performance, delivering measurable and sustainable results to clients. Learn more at

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