GLIMS GAP ASSESSMENT: Pre-work, Site Visit & Workshop

GLIMS Global core team and The workshop included a total of 20 attendees from Brinny, Ballydine, Mirabel, Cramlington, ESU, and Cherokee sites the sites meet in person at Cramlington for week long workshop to discuss gaps and develop a remediation plan to ensure successful deployment of Core & EM Modules.

Pre-work for the workshop was for sites to complete a gap assessment and through review, assessment and remediation the team identified: Core and EM Gaps, of which “high impact” needed for “go live” were identified.

Post workshop the team will for on remediation to actively address “go-live” gaps, including a report assessment will be conducted as a result of workshop discussions.

Feedback from the workshop

  • “Great discussion, every opinion was listed to”
  • “Great team building and team work across the sites and the Global Team”
  • “Very comprehensive overview of gaps, project and status” – “Good chance to share best practices”
  • “Great week, learned a lot and have a good handle on what the project with evolve”

We did receive suggestions to improve the Workshop including site visits and have more team building events.
The global team had great support, energy, collaboration and input from the all – Thank You!

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