Flood-Wary Small Businesses Find Better Backup in the Cloud

Disaster Recovery as a Service presents a safe haven for small businesses in low-lying coastal areas and flood plains along major waterways. by Pam Baker Pam Baker is a business analyst, freelance writer and journalist. For small-business owners in flood-prone regions, protecting assets from rising water calls for more than boarding up windows and stacking sandbags — it requires establishing backup processes that enable business continuity in the face of a disaster. “Business continuity is being...

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Organizational Change: Reconnaissance is the Best Form of Defense

A lifetime ago, as an intern, I spent days building naive and earnest arguments against a request for an “Underground Conditions Allowance”. Essentially, a group of tunnel construction workers was requesting additional compensation for the damp and adverse conditions they endured in their daily work. While my arguments against this claim were based very much in fact and logic, the nearest I got to experiencing anything resembling underground conditions was in the parking garage located...

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Friends or Enemies: Process Improvement and Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

“Process stifling our innovation”!  “These extra meetings slow down our decision-making”! “Project management is distracting us from the real work that needs to get done”! “We have zero flexibility”! Unfortunately, these are commonly held beliefs in many organizations that believe having process discipline and rigor negatively impact productivity.  Consider what the contrary statements might sound like: “We have SO many innovative ideas, but we just can’t execute them all”!  “We don’t know who is responsible...

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How Modern IT Portfolio Management Can Mitigate IT Project Failure

CIOs and the IT departments they lead are hard-pressed to cope with the ever-increasing volume of technical projects their supported business units are clamoring for. While dealing with this heavy workload, IT is also required to be cost conscious, efficient and, as the saying goes — do more with less. Modern enterprises have turned to IT Portfolio Management to help manage their critical IT projects, resources and personnel, all of whom are under some pretty...

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Street Talk: A Mid-Year Review of Challenges and Trends

Over the last six months, members of the TayganPoint team have been both speaking at and attending a variety of conferences in the area of Life Sciences, Health Care, Shared Services, Regulatory and Technology Advancement.  During our travels, we’ve encountered a number of emerging trends we feel are worth sharing.  A new trend unto itself is how companies are addressing these trends which is certainly different than in the past. First, the challenges: The External...

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Knowledge Transfer: A Meaningful Approach to Change Management Success

Whether it’s the introduction of a new system or process, integrating a team or a whole company, on-boarding new employees, or combining existing resources to create a new, scalable capability – fundamental to the success of each of these endeavors is education and training.  Underpinning both of these elements is the critical impact of knowledge transfer (KT).   The overarching goal is to enable the organization to effectively and economically manage, share and transition knowledge of...

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The Wishlist of IT’s Best and Brightest:  5 ways to help stop the technology job hop

Changing of the guard – how do we attract and retain the next generation of IT Leadership?  With IT Leadership maintaining an average tenure of only 4-5 years per company, what can be done to not only attract – but retain the best and brightest in the IT world?  As with most leadership roles, change is not only disruptive, but can be costly.  Making the right leadership choices and creating a culture that promotes innovation...

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Paradigm Shift: Issues Facing Today’s CIO

Gone are the days of a company’s lone “IT person” – a mysterious and omniscient entity, sitting in an over-sized coat closet with fans running 24/7 to keep servers cool as they answered endless questions related to all things related to corporate technology. Evolution has been kind to IT support, as they morphed into more sophisticated teams, now with a CIO at their helm. Responsibility grew even further, as the office of the CIO was...

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Knowing Which Outsourcing Model to Use Before Leaping Into a Digital Transformation

Leveraging overseas suppliers can be invaluable during a digital transformation. But knowing which outsourcing model to choose requires understanding your company’s motivations and limitations. Almost every company wants to become more digital. Whether that means automating processes, sunsetting legacy systems, or diving into the worlds of social, mobility, and cloud, the desire to adapt now permeates from the bottom rung on the employment ladder all the way to the boardroom. One key problem companies face,...

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The Post-Merger Change Triptych: Looking at Change Through the Lenses of Strategy, Location and Role

  CHANGING STRATEGY Jim Szakacs, CFO, TayganPoint In their book “Exploring Corporate Strategy”, Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes define strategy as “the direction and scope of an organization over the long-term: which achieves advantage for the organization through its configuration of resources within a challenging environment, to meet the needs of markets and to fulfill stakeholder expectations”. For hundreds of companies in 2015 that announced an M&A deal, the work has just begun on executing...

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Technology is Easy, Change is Hard: 10 Tips for Successful Systems Implementation

In a landscape wrought with changing business priorities, competitive pressures and a desire to innovate on demand, organizations are forever grasping for a new ‘silver bullet’ to achieve rapid results. More often than not, that comes in the form of new technology, whether it be the implementation of a new Portfolio Management Tool, a CRM or Service Management Software, SAP or Oracle, these implementations will turn your organization upside down. But it’s not the technology itself...

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High Level Approach to Successful Shared Services

While launching shared services is not for the faint-of-heart, taking a high-level approach helps identify what’s important to focus on. Joanie Walker and Michael LaMonaca continue their ‘Shared Services for IT’ series. Over the course of the last several decades, large companies have sought to control costs and improve service quality by consolidating business support operations into a single shared service organization. A shared service model for IT can offer tremendous improvement in efficiency and...

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4 Key Dynamics that will Change the Healthcare Industry

  The changing healthcare ecosystem: What’s different now – Parties who have historically been separate, such as managed care and providers or sub-sectors within the provider universe, are coming together in different ways. Increasingly, positioning within the healthcare market will be driven by consolidation, particularly as disruptive forces, like the evolution towards value-based reimbursement from volume-based payments and the move towards consumer-directed healthcare, develop momentum. Companies have to have understanding of the new ecosystem, and new...

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Eliminating Silos: Embracing Customer Centricity in Drug Development

“Customer centricity”, “patient engagement”, and “patient-focus” are popular buzzwords in the pharmaceutical industry as companies try to adapt to an ever-evolving customer landscape.  It’s been predicted that patient engagement is the next big movement in the industry – and it truly is.  Of course, there are multiple approaches to ensuring customer-centricity.  For example, several companies have appointed executives whose are accountable for driving patient engagement, other approaches include involving patients in the drug development process,...

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Why Shared Services for IT: 5 Benefits for Greater Efficiencies

Over the course of the last several decades, large companies have sought to control costs and improve service quality by consolidating business support operations into a single shared service organization. Specifically within the Life Sciences industry, major product patent expirations are reducing cash flow and decreasing revenues, leaving companies with an urgent need to cut costs while still sustaining growth.  Increasing competition from generics in addition to the industry’s high level of M&A activity has...

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Exercising your Ask Muscle: Ask for the Job

  Humble Beginnings I got my first job when I was 16, working behind the counter of a Honeybaked Ham Company store in Clearwater, FL. At that age, regardless of gender, you’re on par with everyone else wrapping sticky pork shanks in tin foil and plastic netting. It doesn’t take a heck a lot of life skills to achieve your daily objectives and at the end of a shift, a young lady wields a gray mop...

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Emerging Technology: Catching the Next Wave

Surfers catch waves by paddling towards the shore. Their timing matched to the speed of the wave, they make their move from prone to upright and ride the crest of the wave with their board just ahead of the breaking water. Jumping on a wave too early leads nowhere and jumping on too late can cause a wipeout. Similarly, when timed perfectly, catching the momentum associated with emerging technologies can generate amazing opportunities for both...

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The IT Strategy Monograph:  Evolving Strategically with IT Shared Services

Top CIOs have come to understand the need to materially contribute to shareholder value.  As this role continues to evolve IT services from “parity function status” to “strategic enterprise partner”, even greater attention has been placed on security issues and staying current with hot technologies. Beyond the ‘hot-button’ topics of mobility, analytics and big data, as well as the various cloud platforms available, what is often overlooked is the potential for the technology function to...

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Can You Tweet Change? Social Media and Change Management

By:  John Nolan Topics:  Change Management, Communications, Social Media, Twitter, LinkedIn Date:  September 15, 2015 Publication:  Business2Community With the explosion of social media, most businesses have adopted it in some way within their organization.   A recent survey noted that nearly 90% of businesses now use social media for business purposes, but at the same time 36% of employers are actively blocking access to social media sites for employees. Many workplaces have found balance by incorporating...

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5 Ways to Keep IT Transformation on Track

By:  Peter Bartolik, Featuring Joy Taylor Topics:  Entrepreneurship, IT Transformation Date:  September 8, 2015 Publication:  The Enterprisers Project Business and IT transformation can pay off big time, but it often requires big investments. Keeping transformation projects on time and on budget may be just as challenging as figuring out what to transform. A case in point: the Australian supermarket conglomerate Woolworths Ltd., in August reported one-year business transformation costs of AU$199.1 million, part of a AU$425.9...

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PODCAST: Using a Collaborative Talent Model to Drive Growth

By:  Jim Szakacs, CFO, TayganPoint Consulting Topics:  Entrepreneurship, Growth Strategy, Business Consulting, Talent Retention Date:  August 26, 2015 Publication:  CFO Thought Leader What role does finance play when correctly incentivizing and retaining human assets is the primary measure of success? Join us when Jim Szakacs, CFO, TayganPoint Consulting, shares his CFO mind-set and explains how talent remains the primary driver of growth inside the business consulting and advisory space. Listen to the podcast.

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How an Entrepreneur Quit Her Job And Built a $20M Company

By:  Harry Red, Featuring Joy Taylor Topics:  Entrepreneurship, Strategy Consulting, Networking, Ethics Date:  August 14, 2015 Publication:  Huffington Post Like magic. Sometimes, you see entrepreneurs who make it look easy. They don’t have to fight through years of absolute failure. They start something…and it just works. For outsiders, it seems hard to believe. Must be magic. As cofounder and CEO of TayganPoint Consulting Group, a firm with $20 million in annual revenue, Joy Taylor is...

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Optimizing the Customer Experience Leads to Improved Bottom Line and Clearer Compliance

By:  John Cassimatis and Monica Morgan Topics:  Customer Experience, Compliance Date:  August 6, 2015 Publication:  Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor Customer centricity is what we have come to expect from all of our commercial relationships. Whether the bar has been set by Zappos or Amazon, the notion of a flawless customer experience has penetrated the corporate psyche. Customers are no longer willing to choose between product quality, speed of delivery, and price. Simply put, they want it all. The biopharma...

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Ready, Set, Launch! 7 Questions to Ask for Successful Project Management

It’s the final days before the start of a major initiative. Plans have been made and a team is gearing up for a long and challenging project. The starting gun is about to fire and there are dollars, reputations and maybe even the company’s future at stake. Several studies show that the majority of projects with budgets over one million dollars or timelines longer than twelve months are likely to miss their objectives or be...

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The business case for having women on your board of directors

By:  Joy Taylor Topics:  Board of Directors, Women Entrepreneurs Date:  July 23, 2015 Publication:  Philadelphia Business Journal It’s a fact — salamanders, the tiny lizards you dug up in the garden as a child, possess the curious ability to turn their heads a full 180 degrees in either direction. For obvious reasons, a 360 degree view is an enviable feature in the animal kingdom. Imagine being able to better identify predators and pitfalls, spot potential...

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The Need for Speed: Shortening the IT Timeline

By:  Jackie Misiak, Consultant, TayganPoint Topics:  IT Transformation Date:  July 15, 2015 Publication:  TayganPoint Quarterly Newsletter (Summer 2015) It’s daunting – being stuck in a holding pattern as you look eagerly to your IT team to implement the technology components of your business transformation.  To compound your growing (yet controlled) impatience, you begin to see the dollar signs growing around this area of your project as well. If you have been responsible for a transformation...

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Paradigm Shift: Issues Facing Today’s CIO

Gone are the days of a company’s lone “IT person” – a mysterious and omniscient entity, sitting in an over-sized coat closet with fans running 24/7 to keep servers cool as they answered endless questions related to all things related to corporate technology. By:  Joan Walker, Sr. Consultant, TayganPoint Evolution has been kind to IT support, as they morphed into more sophisticated teams, now with a CIO at their helm.  Responsibility grew even further, as...

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How to Avoid Pitfalls in Change Management Projects

In today’s business environment there is an ever-increasing need for experts who can help an organization successfully navigate change. The focus of this movement to date has been on how these teams can partner with an organization to define education, training and communication platforms that help to support the change initiatives and concerns of company employees. While a project team is important for success, a senior level advisor to partner with the project leader is...

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Video: What Are The Key Drivers Of Growth?

Featuring:  Joy Taylor Topics:  Key Drivers of Growth, EY Strategic Growth Forum Date:  July 10, 2015 Media Source:  Forbes People are a key driver of growth. You want to hire people who are smarter than you, continue to motivate them and develop a strong culture.  But that’s not to say people are the only driver of growth. At EY, we’ve identified seven drivers of growth: 1. Customer 2. People, behaviors and culture 3. Digital, technology...

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Playing Well Together in the Sales and Marketing Sandbox

By: Tom Rosella Topics:  BioPharma, Transformation, Sales and Marketing, Customer Centricity Date: June 2015 Publication: Healthcare Sales + Marketing (HS+M) The integration of sales and marketing has long been the challenge facing the industry. There are numerous examples of connected, collaborative and cohesive sales/marketing successes. Given the changes in the U.S. healthcare environment, we wanted to explore what’s happening in the current landscape to see how these two functions are facing the challenges. I’m happy to welcome a...

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R&D Portfolio Management: A Disciplined Approach to Unlocking Value

By: John Cassimatis and Dan Patrick Topics:  R&D, BioPharma, Transformation Date: May 22, 2015 Publication: Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor As the Biopharma industry continues to go through significant transformation there are many core capabilities that Biopharma companies must have. But perhaps none is more important than the ability to effectively discover and launch new products. There are many key milestones that a successful biopharmaceutical company achieves during its journey from a start-up to a vertically integrated company.  Some are externally...

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How An Annual Plan Can Help Your Small Business Grow

By: Rhonda Abrams, Featuring Joy Taylor Topics: Small Business, Strategic Planning, Growth Strategy Date: May 5, 2015 Publication: USA TODAY “You can’t reach a goal you haven’t set.” During Small Business Week, I’m helping you “Make This Your Year to Grow.” If you want to grow, one of the most important steps is to develop a plan for growth — and then make planning an ongoing process of your company.  Now, don’t get worried that I’m going to make...

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Innovation Saturation: Is It Easier or Harder to Innovate?

By: John Collins Topics: Innovation Date: May 5, 2015 Publication: Yahoo! Small Business Advisor, #fnews, Business2Community Innovation Saturation – Is It Easier or Harder to Innovate?  Whether it’s in medicine, computing or communications, we’ve become accustomed to the increasing pace of innovation.  So, at a time when new and often disruptive technologies seem to be appearing every day, is it getting easier or harder to innovate?  In business, innovation is the practice of taking new ideas and turning them...

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An Executive Perspective on Change: Bridging the Gap Between Corporate & the Field

By: Sondra Leibner Topics: Change Management, Executive Leadership Date: April 23, 2015 Publication: Business2Community Executives who have found themselves in charge of leading change in their organizations have learned that these assignments have the ability to define a career.  Leaders who successfully implement these sorts of change initiatives do so by using three not-so-obvious components of engagement and implementation.  When a leader is asked to lead a change, they need to ask themselves if they truly believe the change...

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Sparking Innovation in a BioPharma Environment

By:  Mike Kinnear Topics:  Innovation, BioPharma Date:  Spring 2015 Publication: TayganPoint Consulting Group Newsletter Fostering innovation and creativity in BioPharma organizations can be disheartening. The barriers to innovation success are many.  But they are not unsurmountable.  It’s all about approach – blending the inherent rigidity of the BioPharma industry with the need for new, brilliant ideas and breakthroughs – structured ideation. Here are some critical steps in preparing for and conducting ideation sessions to drive innovation:...

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Innovation Saturation

By:  John Collins Topics:  Innovation Date:  Spring 2015 Publication: TayganPoint Consulting Group Newsletter Whether it’s in medicine, computing or communications, we’ve become accustomed to the increasing pace of innovation. So, at a time when new and often disruptive technologies seem to be appearing every day, is it getting easier or harder to innovate? In business, innovation is the practice of taking new ideas and turning them into a product or service that has a perceived benefit...

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A Culture of Innovation

By:  Josh Holden Topics:  Innovation, Workforce Transformation Date:  Spring 2015 Publication: TayganPoint Consulting Group Newsletter Companies construct vision and mission statements and define company goals around the concept and executives instruct their teams to drive productivity and efficiency through innovation. Unfortunately, it is assumed that innovation is not only understood by everyone in an organization, but also has the same meaning. Personal experiences, skills, and job functions all play a big role in defining what innovation...

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Leading and Listening – On Your Way to Expertise

By: Joy Taylor Topics: Leadership Date: April 6, 2015 Publication: Enterprising Woman Magazine Recently, I spent some time with a few friends who happen to be female CEOs.  The topic of leadership came up and we began discussing when each of us knew when we were indeed leaders. Is there a unified definition for when you can declare yourself a leader? Can you proclaim yourself a leader when you have at least one willing follower, or is there...

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Business Transformation, the New Norm for Biopharma

By: John Cassimatis & Tom Rosella Topics: BioPharma, Regulatory, Compliance, Business Transformation Date: March 30, 2015 Publication: Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor There is no question the Biopharma Industry is undergoing significant change. From an industry and regulatory perspective there are many driving factors such as health care reform, data transparency and security, precision medicine, and new forms of competition to name a few. The impact of these industry trends are forcing executives to re-evaluate their strategies in search of...

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Keeping Your Business Fresh in Rapidly Changing World

By: Joy Taylor Topics: Business Transformation Date: March 16, 2015 Publication: Fox Business Online With significant shifts in technology and energy along with the challenges of regulatory compliance, organizations must be nimble in their response to customers by anticipating and providing fresh solutions.  To understand how the notion of business transformation is so critical to surviving the competitive global landscape reached out to Joy Taylor, Co-founder and CEO of TayganPoint Consulting to get her thoughts on the...

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Are Companies getting it done fast…or right?

By: Joy Taylor Topics: Management Culture, Project Evaluation Date: February 2, 2015 Publication: Smart Business Philadelphia There’s a paradox between the time it takes to complete a project and the quality of the final product.  When time wins over quality and due diligence, there can be huge consequences — like the mortgage securities scandal of 2008 or the BP oil blowout in the Gulf of Mexico.  What effect does this trend have in day-to-day management...

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Why Mergers Fail: The CFO Role can Make or Break an M&A Deal

By: Jim Szakacs Topics: M&A, Job Transition Date: January 20, 2015 Publication: Fuse Financial Partners At a recent executive networking event, I recognized several high-flying CFOs I envied years ago.  These were the dealmakers, the financiers that were sought after by the private equity firms and investment bankers. But here they were trying to expand their networks as they explained that they were “in transition”.  After a big “deal” many of them found themselves being...

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The Multi-Sourcing Strategy: Leveraging Multiple Suppliers for Optimal Performance

By:  John Collins Topics:  Multi-sourcing, Outsourcing Date:  Winter 2014 Publication: TayganPoint Consulting Group Newsletter Multi-tool, multi-channel, multi-use, multi-service, multi-task.  In our lightning-fast , high-demand society, nothing is content to serve a singular purpose anymore. That brings us to yet another “multi” to mull over – Multi-Sourcing.  This has become the latest trend in the procurement space – maximizing the strategic benefits of outsourcing by assigning business functions to the best possible provider, while also driving lower costs...

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Leveraging Shared Service for Competitive Advantage

By:  John Cassimatis Topics:  Shared Services, Selective Outsourcing, Continuous Improvement Date:  Fall 2014 Publication: TayganPoint Consulting Group Newsletter Companies across many industries are faced with increasing pressures to improve productivity, reduce costs, and comply with ever increasing complex regulatory requirements while at the same time increase revenues and market share. Shared services and selective outsourcing of “non-core” activities can be a key enabler to helping companies address these issues. Traditionally shared services and outsourcing have been...

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Top 5 Landmines During M&A Integration

How can organizations ensure both a successful M&A initiative and increased shareholder value? The key is to avoid “landmines” that can derail a potentially successful deal. Here are the top 5 issues that must be addressed, preferably before even the negotiation stage. #1   Realistic, achievable, and documented goals of the M&A deal There is often a breakdown between the ultimate goal of a deal and the anticipated impact on shareholder value. For example, the...

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Supply Chain Reform: The Impact of Big Data and 3D Printing

By:  Richard Powell Topics:  Supply Chain, Big Data, 3D Printing Date:  Fall 2014 Publication: TayganPoint Consulting Group Newsletter The rise of ‘big data’ to the mainstream and emergence of 3D printing will be two of the big issues affecting supply chains leaders. As organisations begin looking ahead to 2015, the issues being faced by supply chain leaders are continuing to increase in complexity and become more challenging. To read the Fall 2014 Newsletter, please click here....

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Making Strategy Happen

By: John Cassimatis Topics: Pharmaceutical Industry, Strategy, Business Transformation Date: August 8, 2014 Publication: Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor The Pharmaceutical Industry continues to go through significant changes that present both challenges and opportunities.  As a result, many companies are responding by developing bold and transformational strategies as they try to set the stage for future success.  Setting the right strategy is not easy.  It often means “placing bets” on which markets will enable growth, which therapeutic...

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Why Change Management Should be a Top Priority

By: Joy Taylor & Monica Morgan Topics: Change Management, Communication Publication: MWorld Summer 2014 “It is not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent; but rather the one that is most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin. Clearly he was a visionary-the scientist who defined evolution and its importance in understanding how human beings work.  On many occasions, we sit and wonder, does anyone else truly understand that change will happen and that change...

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SOS – How Pharma Can Avoid Drowning in Metrics Overload

By: John Cassimatis & Marybeth Lynch Topics: Metrics Overload, Pharmaceutical Industry, Big Data, Process Improvement Date: July 20, 2014 Publication: Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor There’s growing pressure for pharmaceutical companies to increase efficiencies while at the same time ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.  Whether it be measuring compliance with regulatory requirements, increasing the productivity of drug discovery or improving key operational processes such as supply chain, clinical trials, or sales and marketing effectiveness, there is no...

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Why Active Risk Management Is Essential For Boards of Directors

By: Joy Taylor & Amy Flynn Topics: Risk Management, Board of Directors Date: July 17, 2014 Publication: Corporate Compliance Insights Historically, corporate Boards of Directors have held the responsibility of risk management oversight, ensuring that risk management processes are clearly defined and appropriately enacted.  Their role in managing risk has been to provide guidance and leadership on matters that impact the strategic direction of a company or its public image.  In this traditional view, C-level management is...

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Stepping Down as CFO: How to Handle the Transition

By: Jim Szakacs Topics: Job Transition, Finance, Role of the CFO Date: June 2, 2014 Publication: Proformative.com Maybe you’ve had enough of the corporate life and it’s time to retire, maybe you’ve found a new opportunity, or maybe a new opportunity has found you — whatever your reason for leaving your current job, how you say goodbye is an important part of your legacy.  It will affect how your colleagues (i.e., future references) remember you,...

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How Three Women Cracked the Entrepreneurial Barrier

Quote: Joy Taylor Topics: Women in Business, Women Entrepreneurs Date: May 28, 2014 Publication: Entrepreneur.com via Mighty Wise Academy Bold women step out every day into the world of entrepreneurship, the likes of fashion and lifestyle company CEO Kathy Ireland, Spanx founder Sara Blakely and The Huffington Post Media Group’s chair Arianna Huffington. Canadian serial entrepreneur Kelsey Ramsden of London, Ontario; Joy Taylor, CEO of TayganPoint Consulting Group in Lambertville, N.J.; and Lisa Williams, CEO of World of EPI in Chula Vista,...

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Make Philanthropy Part of your Company’s DNA

By: John Cassimatis Topics: Corporate Philanthropy, Corporate Culture Date: May 7, 2014 Publication: NJBIZ Industry Insights Any company can choose to create a philanthropic culture.  But to have a meaningful impact, philanthropy must be part your company’s DNA.Not only does this mean making philanthropy part of your company’s mission, you must also put those words into action by dedicating time and money to support organizations that are aligned with the values of your employees. At...

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Pharma X C2 = Continuous Improvement of Capability and Culture

By: John Cassimatis & Andrew Hunter Topics: Pharmaceutical Industry, Process Improvement Date: April 23,2014 Publication: Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor The economic challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry are well documented.  There are significant pressures to launch new products as patents expire and reduce costs – from overhead to promotion to manufacturing.  At the same time,there is the pressure to improve compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.  In last month’s article we discussed enterprise process management as...

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Destroying the Big Data Myth

By: Joy Taylor Topics: Big Data, Data Analytics Date: April 23,2014 Publication: Tidemark What matters most with Big Data? Turning it into something companies can really use. Big Data has always been a kind of siren song to executives, as if it held the answers to all their problems. “If only we could get our hands on more data,” they insisted, “we’ll make better decisions sooner.”  Trouble is, we’ve had access to more data in the...

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How to Use Regulatory Operations as a Competitive Advantage in Emerging Markets

By: Amy Flynn & Vicki LaRosa Topics: Regulatory Operations, Competitive Advantage, Growth Strategy, Medical Device Date: April 23, 2014 Publication: MDDI Regulatory and Compliance Efficient regulatory execution is the key to a successful growth strategy in hard-to-navigate emerging markets. The regulatory team has always been considered a strategic business partner within medical device companies, due to its responsibility for building and maintaining strong working relationships with regulators.  Working with regulators early in the process helps...

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Creating Positive Communications with the FDA

By: Denise Myshko, featuring John Cassimatis Topics: Pharmaceutical Industry, Regulatory Date: April, 2014 Publication: PharmaVoice A critical success factor in the regulatory review process is clear and frequent communications to ensure a smooth and efficient review of an application.  Navigating the regulatory review process can be challenging.  Industry experts say creating an efficient development process depends on engaging regulatory officials and proactively communicating.  Companies need to treat FDA communications as a formal end-to-end process, says...

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Strengthening Compliance Through Effective Process Management

By: John Cassimatis and Tom Rosella Topics: Pharmaceutical Industry, Regulatory Compliance, Process Management, Cost Reduction Date: April 9, 2014 Publication: Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor The pharmaceutical industry is facing a number of key challenges, including complying with rigorous regulatory requirements, improving productivity, reducing costs, and finding new sources of revenue.  Pharmaceutical companies need to be more comprehensive and integrated in how they address these challenges.  In the past, companies would often address these challenges with narrow...

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Can your Network Handle Big Data

By: Joy Taylor Topics: Technology, Big Data Date: April 9, 2014 Publication: Dell’s Tech One Page Companies both large and small are investing in big data.  The smart ones prepare well and upgrade their information technology infrastructure to ensure their networks can handle the increased traffic.  Others find themselves scrambling to improve their networks, as critical processes slowdown or halt. To view this article as it appeared on Dell’s Tech One Page, please click here.

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Pharma Companies Must Rethink Marketing Strategies Under the Sunshine Act

By: Joy Taylor and John Cassimatis Topics: Marketing Strategies, Sunshine Act Date: October 21, 2013 Publication: Corporate Compliance Insights The Physician Payment Sunshine Act went into effect on August 1, 2013.  Its foundational intent is to create more transparency between pharmaceutical manufacturers, physicians and hospitals and thus prevent what may be perceived as a conflict of interest among these parties.  The act contains more stringent rules on what must be reported by manufacturers regarding “payments...

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Honing the Competitive Edge: Pharma Continues its Leaning Efforts to Cut Waste and Improve Operations

By: Steve Kuehn, featuring Joy Taylor Topics: Lean Sigma, Six Sigma, Black Belt, Process Improvement Date: October 17, 2013 Publication: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Stop me if you’ve heard this one, a Lean TPS guy, a Six Sigma Black Belt , and an OpEx Consultant, go into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, “What is this, some kind of Jidoka?”  Those familiar with the lexicon of Lean and Six Sigma, might recognize the term from...

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Building Valuable Process Maps Takes Skill and Time

By: Joy Taylor Topics: Process Mapping, Sigma Date: July, 2012 Publication: iSixSigma Practitioners who think process mapping can be completed in a two-hour session with a group of subject matter experts, a white board and some sticky notes are likely to end up with a nice piece of paper with a bunch of squares and diamonds. This is because process mapping is not for wimps. Creating a process map that tells a full, data-based story...

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TayganPoint New Office Open House Event

After more than six years in New Jersey, TayganPoint moved its corporate offices across the Delaware River to Washington Crossing, PA. To celebrate our new home, we hosted our employees, clients and friends of the firm for an afternoon Open House & Ribbon Cutting celebration on May 20th.  Helping to officially open our new office in Bucks County, we were joined by our local congressman, Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick, as he welcomed us to the neighborhood and assisted in the ribbon cutting ceremony.  We are happy to report that no fingers were lost, thereby permitting the celebration to continue into the evening. Great company, interesting conversations and great food made the event memorable for all who attended.

For those that missed the fun, we would love for you to stop by our new office as we continue to settle in to our new home.

Barry Rudner  |  Human Resources Manager  |  TayganPoint Consulting Group  |  brudner@tayganpoint.com

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TayganPoint Gives Back: Millhill Day of Caring

Friday, May 20th kicked off TayganPoint’s fourth annual Millhill Day of Caring.  The sun came out just in time for a day jam-packed with fun and educational spring activities.

Each year, TayganPoint volunteers spend a day at the Millhill Child & Family Development Center in Trenton, NJ, providing teachers a well-deserved break by taking over “teacher duties” in the preschool classrooms.  This year, twelve TayganPoint volunteers read a book about butterflies to students, followed by a creative craft where each student got to make their own paper butterfly to take home. Volunteers spent time playing with students on the playground and observing Millhill’s new butterfly garden while enjoying the great weather! The day wrapped with lunch and distribution of classroom supplies to Millhill teachers for future activities.

The Millhill Child and Family Development is a non-profit organization serving abused and neglected children in the Trenton area.  Millhill enriches the well-being of children and families through individualized culturally sensitive, educational and behavioral health services.  TayganPoint’s President, John Cassimatis, sits on the Millhill Foundation’s Board of Directors.

This year’s Millhill Day of Caring was a huge success. TayganPoint looks forward to working with Millhill for many years to come, as the experience is just as enriching and rewarding for the volunteers as it is for students.

Lauren Ettlinger  |  Analyst  |  TayganPoint Consulting Group  |  Lettlinger@tayganpoint.com

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TayganPoint Expands Client Services Capabilities with Four New Hires

Topics: Talent Acquisition, Company Growth

Date: September 3, 2015

TayganPoint Consulting Group, a management consulting firm, expands its client services capabilities with four new hires.  The new team members will support consulting projects for the company’s growing client base in the life sciences and healthcare industries.

“These individuals bring a deep bench of experience across a number of different industries that will strengthen our position in the marketplace as a leader in implementing successful business strategies for companies in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry as they undergo massive change in today’s expanding global market,” said John Cassimatis, Co-founder and President of TayganPoint Consulting Group.

  • Jon Hunt has joined the company as a senior consultant with a focus on IT effectiveness and transformation. Prior to joining TayganPoint, he held leadership positions with Thompson, AT&T, PwC, IBM, HP and AT Kearney. More recently, Hunt founded his own successful consulting practice focusing on shared services/BPO, enterprise change management, knowledge transfer, IT enabled business transformations and IT and business performance improvement. He is ITIL v3 Certified.
  •  Mark Lane, PhD, has joined TayganPoint as a consultant, with a focus on M&A, R&D, and program management. He brings deep experience in project and portfolio management, global product development (pre-IND and Phase 4), clinical development and execution, stage gate frameworks and project governance and facilitation. Most recently, Lane held leadership positions with Sanofi and, prior to that, LifeCell. He has also held positions at Wyeth, GE Healthcare, Medimmune, Merck and the National Institutes of Health. Lane has a BS, MS and PhD from Pennsylvania State University.
  • Patrick Barnard has joined TayganPoint as an analyst. He is a marketing professional with extensive experience in consumer research and syndicated data and is experienced with the creation of analytical reviews and making resulting recommendations. Prior to joining the company, Barnard was with IRI Worldwide where he served as a client service analyst at Bimbo Bakeries, the largest baking company in the US. In this role, he provided analytics, subject matter expertise, and business solutions to enable better consumer purchasing behavior. Prior to that, Barnard worked at The Neilson Company as a Database Specialist and an Analytic Framework Consultant. He has a BS in Marketing from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from La Salle University.
  • Dan Kriger has also joined the company as an analyst. He has recently completed his MBA program and has more than five years experience, including positions with Target and Five Below in their distribution and supply chain areas. He is skilled in American Sign Language and has helped rebuild homes in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Kriger has an MBA from Duquesne University.

“We are thrilled to welcome so many unique and talented individuals to our team. Each new member will serve as a valuable resource to our clients, supporting TayganPoint’s dedication to providing clients with world-class strategic consulting, custom tailored business solutions, and top-notch customer engagement,” said Joy Taylor, Co-founder and CEO of TayganPoint Consulting Group.

About TayganPoint Consulting Group
TayganPoint Consulting Group, is a strategic management consulting firm that implements strategy and organizational change in life sciences, health care, financial services, and energy organizations to improve their efficiency and overall business performance. Established in 2009, TayganPoint’s team of seasoned process experts has a reputation for hands- on service and deep sector expertise in areas like strategy alignment and execution, process improvement, change management and communication, and program and project management. The company leverages this deep knowledge of its clients’ business needs to grow its portfolio, expand into new markets and help clients make strategy happen. For more information on TayganPoint Consulting Group, please visit: http://www.tayganpoint.com.

TayganPoint Named to the 2015 INC. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

Topics: Awards, Fastest Growing

Date: Aug 17, 2015

TayganPoint Consulting Group, a leading strategic management-consulting firm, announced today that Inc. Magazine has named the company one of the Top 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in America.

Based on solid revenue growth since its formation in 2009, TayganPoint has found itself on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List for the third consecutive year. TayganPoint’s repeat success in this ranking, especially in the tough economic environment of the past few years, is a demonstration of its strong business relationships.

“We are honored to be considered, let alone recognized, as one of the fastest growing private companies by Inc. Magazine,” said TayganPoint CEO, Joy Taylor.  “We have achieved year over year growth by continually striving to be our clients’ preferred and most highly trusted partner.  Our clients recognize our commitment through the dedication and interactive experience our consults provide.”

“We remain committed in our mission to help clients achieve their business transformation goals as they continue to gain measurable and sustainable value from their most critical strategic initiatives,” adds John Cassimatis, President and Co-Founder of TayganPoint Consulting Group, “This is the hallmark of our organization and what we feel enables our continued growth in the marketplace.”

About TayganPoint
TayganPoint Consulting Group, an Inc. 5000 company, is a strategic management consulting firm that implements strategy and organizational change in life sciences, health care, financial services, and energy organizations to improve their efficiency and overall business performance. Established in 2009, TayganPoint’s team of seasoned process experts has a reputation for hands‐on service and deep sector expertise in areas like strategy alignment and execution, process improvement, change management and communication, and program and project management. The company leverages this deep knowledge of its clients’ business needs to grow its portfolio, expand into new markets and help clients make strategy happen. For more information on TayganPoint Consulting Group, please visit: www.tayganpoint.com.

About Inc. 5000
The Inc. 5000 is an annual list of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States, introduced in 1982. The Inc. 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth over a four-year period. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by the first week of the starting calendar year, and therefore able to show four full calendar years of sales. Additionally, they had to be U.S.-based, privately held, and independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of December 31 of the last year measured. Revenue in the initial year must have been at least $200,000, and revenue in the most recent year must have been at least $2 million.


TayganPoint CEO Recognized as A 2015 Enterprising Woman of the Year

Topic(s): Awards, Women Entrepreneurs, Women Business Owners
Date: March 27, 2015

TayganPoint Consulting Group announced today that CEO and co-founder Joy Taylor was named among the winners of the 2015 Enterprising Women of the Year Awards, an annual tribute to the world’s top women entrepreneurs. The annual award is widely considered one of the most prestigious recognition programs for women business owners. To win, nominees must demonstrate that they have fast-growth businesses, mentor or actively support other women and girls involved in entrepreneurship, and stand out as leaders in their communities. Many of the honorees also serve as leaders of the key organizations that support the growth of women’s entrepreneurship.

To read the full announcement, please click here.

TayganPoint CFO Recognized by SmartCEO Magazine

Topic(s): Leadership, Awards
Date: March 18, 2015

Jim Szakacs, CFO of TayganPoint Consulting Group, was named among the winners of the 2015 Executive Management Awards, recognizing the leadership and accomplishments of Philadelphia’s management talents. The 2015 EMA winners collectively generate more than $42 billion in annual revenue and employ over 60,000 individuals in Greater Philadelphia. This year’s winners will be recognized in the March/April issue of SmartCEO magazine and celebrated at an awards ceremony

To read the full announcement, please click here.

SmartCEO Future 50 Awards Program Recognizes TayganPoint Consulting Group

Topic(s): Company Growth, Awards
Date: January 5, 2015

TayganPoint Consulting Group is pleased to be named among Philadelphia SmartCEO’s 2015 Future 50 award winners. The program recognizes the region’s 50 fastest growing midsized companies and 10 small Emerging Growth companies who have experienced out sized growth based on a combined three year average of revenue and employee growth. The 2015 Future 50 winners collectively generate $1.65 billion in annual revenue and employ 5,964 individuals in Greater Philadelphia. This impressive group will be recognized in the 2015 January/February issue of Philadelphia SmartCEO magazine and celebrated at an awards ceremony on January 15, 2015.

To read the full announcement, please click here

TayganPoint Braves the Cold with Fisherman’s Mark Food Pantry

December 22, 2014 – TayganPoint team members brought their brightest holiday smiles and warmest winter coats on December 22nd as they braved the cold to help sort and pack food for Lambertville’s Fisherman’s Mark Food Pantry.  As part of TayganPoint’s continued efforts to support those in the local community, we’ve partnered again with Fisherman’s Mark to help provide food to low-income families in need this holiday season.

To learn more, please visit:www.fishermansmark.org

NJBIZ Honors TayganPoint as one of New Jersey’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies

Topic(s): Company Growth, Awards
Date: September 25, 2014

TayganPoint has been named one of New Jersey’s 2014 50 Fastest Growing Companies for the second time.

The award celebrates New Jersey’s most dynamic companies who progressively contribute to the success of the state’s economic growth and stability.  To qualify, companies had to meet selection criteria that included a revenue size of at least $500,000 within the past two out of three years and growth in revenue over a three year period, dating from fiscal year 2011 to 2013.

To read the full announcement, please click here

TayganPoint President Named Emerging Executive of the Year by Philadelphia Business Journal

Topic(s): Awards, Healthcare, Life Science
Date: September 18, 2014

TayganPoint Consulting Group announced today that President and co-founder John Cassimatis was named amongst Philadelphia Business Journal’s Innovation Award Winners for 2014 and Emerging Executive of the Year.  The award recognizes the region’s top healthcare and life science leaders and celebrates companies in healthcare and life sciences that continue to shape the medical industry in Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey.  In addition to the Emerging Executive of the Year category, other categories included Healthcare CEO of the Year, Educator/Researcher of the Year, New Media Award, Patient Safety Award and Technology Transfer of the Year and Early Stage Company.

To read the full announcement, please click here.

TayganPoint Named to Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies List

Topic(s): Awards, Company Growth
Date: August 28, 2014

TayganPoint Consulting Group announced today that for the second time, Inc. Magazine has named the company one of the Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America.  Based on solid revenue growth of over 166% over the past three years, TayganPoint ranks No.2341 overall on the list.  TayganPoint’s repeat success in this ranking, especially in the tough economic environment of the past few years, is a demonstration of its strong business relationships.

To read the full announcement, please click here

SmartCEO Brava! Award Program Selects TayganPoint CEO

Topic(s): Awards, Women Business Leaders, Entrepreneurship
Date: July 10, 2014

TayganPoint CEO and co-founder Joy Taylor was named as one of SmartCEO’s Brava! Award Winners for 2014.  The award celebrates the distinguished achievements of 25 of Greater Philadelphia’s top women business leaders.  “I am honored to be recognized among such an accomplished group of women who have truly broken the mold for what it means to be a female leader,” said Joy Taylor, CEO of TayganPoint Consulting Group. “It’s so important to remember that giving back to the community should be one of the foundational values shared amongst all entrepreneurs and I’m so proud to be part of an organization that recognizes this as a critical contribution.”

To read the full press release, please click here

TayganPoint Sponsors Fearless Femme Racing

Topic(s): Fearless Femme Racing, Women’s Cycling, Corporate Sponsorship
Date: April 18, 2014

TayganPoint is proud to announce their sponsorship of Fearless Femme Racing, a locally-based women’s cycling team and a part of Pure Energy Cycling.  While the team is new and consists of fewer than six members, the assembly of racers may be the most experienced and decorated within the women’s field, including two current Criterium National Champions.  This year Fearless Femme is poised to uphold the success of their inaugural 2013 season, where the squad achieved over 45 podium spots and 16 victories.

To read the full press release, please click here

TayganPoint Named one of the Fastest Growing Companies in New Jersey by NJBIZ Magazine

Topic(s): Awards, Company Growth
Date: December 2, 2013

TayganPoint has been recognized as one of the “50 Fastest Growing Companies” in New Jersey by NJBIZ Magazine.  TayganPoint has been awarded with this distinction for the second consecutive year as part of annual list celebrating New Jersey’s most dynamic companies.  “This award validates what we tell our clients – that if you plan strategically and have the right team in place, you can scale your business in a responsible, sustainable manner,” said Joy Taylor, CEO of TayganPoint. “Our growth is due in part to our clients viewing us as their partner, not a vendor. We work hand-in-hand with businesses to achieve their goals, and in the process we’re achieving our own.”

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The 2013 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Program Selects CEO of TayganPoint

Topic(s): Executive Leadership, Women Entrepreneurs, Awards, Female Business Leaders
Date: November 14, 2013

Ernst & Young competition recognizes Joy Taylor as one of the 12 most exceptional women entrepreneurs in the country.

CEO and co-founder, Joy Taylor, was named as one of The 2013 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™, a national competition and executive leadership program that identifies a select group of impressive women entrepreneurs.

To read the full announcement, please click here

TayganPoint Founder Joy Taylor featured in SmartCEO

By: Dr. Joanne White, featuring Joy Taylor
Topics: SmartCEO, Charisma, Leadership
Date: November 7, 2013
Publication: Philadelphia SmartCEO

“A charismatic person is someone with strong energy” is the start of business coach Dr. JoAnne White’s comments on charisma in the November issue of Smart CEO.   And it is that charisma that Dr. JoAnne White claims is an intangible characteristic of leaders.  Can it be learned or is it inherent?  Joy’s thoughts on the subject are featured along with a handful of other regional CEOs.

To continue reading this article as it appeared in SmartCEO, please click here

TayganPoint Consulting Group Earns Spot on 2013 Inc. 5000 List

Topic(s): Company Growth, NJ Top 100, Awards
Date: November 5, 2013

TayganPoint Consulting Group announced today that it was included as part of the 2013 Inc. 5000 list as well as the publication’s Top 100 New Jersey Companies list.  Both lists recognize fast-growing privately held companies and ranks them according to percentage revenue growth.  “Being included on both of these lists is a great honor. Our entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to providing clients with exceptional value has propelled us to new heights,” said Joy Taylor, CEO and co-founder of TayganPoint.

To read the full announcement, please click here

TayganPoint Named one of the Top 15 Fastest Growing Women-Led Businesses in 2013

Topic(s): Women-Led Companies, Woman Presidents’ Organization (WPO), Awards, Women Business Leaders
Date: June 3, 2013

TayganPoint Consulting Group was recognized as one of the 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Companies of 2013 by the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO).  To be considered, companies must be privately held, women-owned or led, operating in North America, and have reached revenue benchmarks.  Ranking is determined by a sales growth formula, combining percentage and absolute growth. TayganPoint was ranked 15th on the 2013 list.

To continue reading this article as it appeared in Consulting Magazine, please click here

TayganPoint Expands National Footprint with Boston Office

Topic(s): Office Expansion, Boston, MA
Date: May 6, 2013

TayganPoint  Consulting  Group announced  today  that  it  has  opened  an  office  in  the   Greater  Boston area.  The  Cambridge  office,  located  in  Kendall  Square,  is  part  of  the  company’s  ongoing  investment  in  its   healthcare,  pharmaceutical  and  financial  services practices.   The new  office  is  located  on  the  18th floor  of  245  First  Street,  overlooking  the  Charles  River  and  Longfellow  Bridge.  “Having  a  presence  in  the  Commonwealth  of  Massachusetts  will  allow  us  to  better  serve our clients  in  the  region,”  said   John  Cassimatis,  Executive  Vice  President  and  co-founder at  TayganPoint  Consulting  Group.  “In  addition  to  being  a  key   part  of  the  company’s  investment  in  three  specific  service  lines,  this  expansion  aligns with  our  dedication  to  smart,   strategic  growth.”

To read the full announcement, please click here

TayganPoint Selected by Consulting Magazine with Seven Small Jewels Recognition

Topic(s): Corporate Culture, Company Growth, Awards
Date: March 2013

TayganPoint is pleased to be selected by Consulting Magazine as one of the Seven Small Jewels in the consulting profession for 2013.  In consulting, mergers can be dicey. In a game of hit and miss, there are plenty of misses. But with TayganPoint, merging two smaller firms was definitely a hit.  The firm was formed three years ago when Taygan Consulting and VantagePoint Consulting Group joined forces.  “It’s a great story of where ‘one plus one equals three’ ” says John Cassimatis, Executive Vice President and co-founder of TayganPoint. Meanwhile, Joy Taylor, CEO and co-founder, says it works because the two firms had plenty in common.  “If you had met us separately, we would’ve looked very much alike,” she says. “We were both about $2.5 million, about 12 to 15 people and served the same type of clients.”

To continue reading this article as it appeared in Consulting Magazine, please click here

NJBIZ names TayganPoint one of New Jersey’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies

Topic(s): Company Growth, Award
Date: September 20, 2012

The NJBIZ 50 Fastest Growing Companies awards program celebrates New Jersey’s most dynamic companies who progressively contribute to the success of the state’s economic growth and stability. TayganPoint Consulting Group has been named one of New Jersey’s 2012 50 Fastest Growing Companies.

To read the full press release, please click here

TayganPoint and Gens and Associates Team Up to Deliver New Service-Offering

Topic(s): Strategic Partnership
Date: June 25, 2012

TayganPoint Consulting Group and Gens and Associates announce the launch of a joint service-offering aimed at accelerating regulatory improvement and reducing cost of compliance for biopharmaceuticals. The firms have combined the strengths of their highly respected firms to create an innovative and powerful practice, utilizing industry benchmarks and data driven process improvement. The practice enables biopharmaceutical companies to increase the effectiveness of their regulatory functions by establishing a performance baseline and guiding which key initiatives will deliver the most substantial value for the organization.

To read the full press release, please click here

TayganPoint CEO Named one of NJ’S Best 50 Women in Business by NJBIZ

Topic(s): Women Leaders, Awards, Entrepreneurship
Date: February 3, 2012

Joy Taylor, CEO of TayganPoint, has been named one of New Jersey’s Best 50 Women in Business.  The award, sponsored by NJBIZ, honors New Jersey’s most dynamic women in business that have been making headlines in their field.  To qualify, a nominee had to meet selection criteria that included living or working in New Jersey and holding significant authority for decision making in a for-profit company.

To read the full press release, please, click here

TayganPoint Rolls Out the Red Carpet to Learn the Art of Storytelling

Topic(s): Jana Memel, Storytelling, Hollywood Way
Date: November 29, 2011

Academy Award-winning producer or Jana Memel joined TayganPoint to instruct consultants and clients on the art of storytelling.

Attendees enjoyed learning from Jana at the day-long workshop, learning the secrets of crafting a telling a unique story.  After 11 nominations and three wins, Memel, decided to bring her wit and storytelling expertise to business professionals through the Hollywood Way workshop, which encourages participants to ditch traditional presentation techniques and encapsulate the audience through storytelling.

To read the full press release, please, click here

TayganPoint Battles Hills for Autism

Topic(s): Autism Cares Foundation, Corporate Philanthropy
Date: November 29, 2011

TayganPoint team members, dressed to impress in their running shoes and team shirts, banded together with throngs of racers at the Autism Cares Foundation’s annual Race for Resources on November 12.  TayganPoint co-founder, Joy Taylor’s daughter, Egan, was diagnosed with autism in 2007.  Joy and her family are very active in the Autism Cares Foundation.  “I feel very blessed to have so many friends and colleagues who joined “Team Egan” and came out to support such an important cause,” Taylor said.

To read the full press release, please, click here

TayganPoint CEO Featured at Annual Go Red for Women Luncheon

Topic(s): Women Business Leaders
Date:  May 19, 2011

Representatives from TayganPoint Consulting Group attended the second annual Go Red for Women Luncheon held in Somerset, NJ. TayganPoint proudly supports the Go Red for Women movement, attending the organization’s annual luncheon event for the second year in a row.  At the event, Joy Taylor, CEO of TayganPoint, was one of four women selected to appear on a leadership panel where she shared her experiences as a women business owner.  She discussed her role in leadership positions, as well as the challenges she faced along the way and the courage she had to overcome them.

To read the full press release, please, click here

TayganPoint CEO Honored for her Commitment to the Autism Cares Foundation

Topic(s): Corporate Philanthropy, Autism Cares Foundation
Date: May 19, 2011

Joy Taylor, CEO & Co-founder of TayganPoint, was honored for her dedication and exceptional commitment to the Autism Cares Foundation at the second annual gala and silent auction on April 29, 2011.  Ms. Taylor’s daughter, Egan, was diagnosed with Autism in July 2007.  She and her family are active members of the Autism Cares Foundation. They participate in monthly foundation-sponsored activities including BounceU events and sensory friendly movie nights.

To read the full press release, please click here

TayganPoint Partners with Giving Hope Network to Help Orphans and Families Affected by Autism

Topic(s): Corporate Philanthropy, Autism Awareness
Date: March 16, 2011

Demonstrating the evening’s theme of “Collectively Making a Difference,” TayganPoint Consulting Group, served as the main sponsor of Giving Hope Network’s Inaugural Winter Dinner Dance.  Held on Saturday, February 19, 2011, at the Holly Hedge Estate in New Hope, PA, the event featured a cocktail reception, dinner and live auction that raised over $25,000 to directly support orphans and families affected by autism.

To read the full press release, please click here

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The Practice of Change | Part II | Transition

Running From Change:  Employee Transition in the Wake of Organizational Shift.   Once companies have communicated there is going to be change, how do you persuade them to stay with your organization?  It’s not 2008-2011 when opportunities were scarce — those with strong education and training, good performance records, and current industry experience are likely to find new positions in just a few months.   But, even though there are opportunities in the market place-employees don’t necessarily...

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The Practice of Change | Part I | Communication

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Top 6 Factors to Consider When Facing a Merger or Acquisition

Mergers & acquisitions are a challenging undertaking requiring strong and engaged leadership to drive success.   Some of the biggest challenges can be found in the people side of the equation – the uncertainty and stress – that require a leader who understands that the value of a company is based on the value of its employees.   In addition, the complexities of the merger itself, both operationally and culturally, require leaders who understand what these challenges...

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How Customer Centric is Your Strategy?

No one would argue that development of the proper business strategy and then execution of that strategy is a core competency of most successful organizations.  And yet we find clients who are very good at setting strategy around any number of business facets; and yet they fail to define a specific strategy component or linkage aimed directly at their customers. They’ll talk customer growth in terms of market share or revenue.  They’ll talk customer satisfaction...

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The Hammers and Nails of R&D Portfolio Management:  A Fool With a Tool is Still a Fool 

After attending a recent R&D portfolio and resource management conference, and listening to presenters from both large, established, and rising star pharmaceutical companies and life science organizations, we were surprised to hear how many companies were grappling with issues related to transparency and consistency of data, the ability to drive fact-based decision making, executive buy-in, enabling a holistic view of the portfolio, and company culture.  It quickly became clear that the business processes forming the...

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What to Do From Deal Announcement to Deal Close

When a major merger or acquisition is announced, it is typically met with a combination of excitement and anxiety by the employees at the respective companies. The focus of this article will be on one of the most critical steps to occur at both companies very shortly after deal announcement: each firm needs to assemble a merger integration team that will rapidly put together a plan for what needs to be accomplished between deal announcement...

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Yogi Berra and the Chinese Warrior: Developing a Winning Portfolio Strategy

“If you don’t know where you are going you might end up someplace else.” -Yogi Berra “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” ― Sun Tzu Chinese warrior and strategist What could Yogi Berra and Sun Tzu possibly have to do with crafting a business transformation strategy to maximize the value of your product portfolio?   Strategy bridges the gap between high-level...

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Transform your Shared Services Culture to Drive Strategic Business Value

Shared Services programs are increasingly expected to produce business value beyond labor arbitrage and other cost and efficiency metrics.  To meet this challenge, forward-looking Business Services organizations are taking the lead in enterprise transformation.  They are identifying and delivering disruptive process improvements, tapping into “horizontal” change opportunities, and extending best practice capabilities into enterprise services. Despite best efforts many business service organizations fail to reach this level of enterprise-wide impact.  Short falls may result from...

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Upcoming Webinar: Maximize Portfolio Value through Business Transformation

Join our webinar on March 17th to learn the fundamental structures, processes, skills, and tools that your organization needs to establish in order to enable optimized portfolio management. Every organization knows that developing new innovative product offerings and getting them to market on time and on budget is a huge feat.  An even bigger challenge is ensuring the right mix of products are in the pipeline to maximize business value.  All too often, portfolio, NPD...

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Eliminating Silos: Embracing Customer Centricity in Drug Development

By:  Mark Lane, Consultant, TayganPoint Consulting Group “Customer centricity”, “patient engagement”, and “patient-focus” are popular buzzwords in the pharmaceutical industry as companies try to adapt to an ever-evolving customer landscape.  It’s been predicted that patient engagement is the next big movement in the industry – and it truly is.  Of course, there are multiple approaches to ensuring customer-centricity.  For example, several companies have appointed executives whose are accountable for driving patient engagement, other approaches include...

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When It’s Time to Toss the Old IT Playbook

The US saw roughly 5,000 M&A transactions in the first half of 2015, and if you have a leadership position in your firm’s information technology department, an acquisition will have a direct impact on you and your team.  Whether attempting to produce a more vertically integrated business and capture a greater percentage of the overall value chain within a sector or trying to hedge against sector cycles by acquiring a firm as a hedge play,...

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Constructing Your M&A Integration “Dream Team”

Contributed by Bob Macfarlane. In 1988, the U.S. Mens Olympic Basketball team failed to win the gold medal for only the second time in history — the other was the controversial loss to the Soviet Union in 1972.  As a result of this dramatic loss, the team took a different strategy for the next Olympic Games, assembling a team of NBA all-stars who came to be known as the “Dream Team”.  The team, which included...

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Hire Consultants: Squeezing the Most Value From Your Consulting Engagements Part II: The Honeymoon Period

Contributed by:  John Nolan, Consultant, TayganPoint Consulting Group All the pre-work has been done, the contracts signed and consultants are on their way.   These next two weeks are crucial to getting these new assets up and running.  Responsibility lies with both parties, but the honeymoon period is short and no one wants to come out of it wanting a separation from their new partner. The good news is that consultants are experts.  They are used...

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Yogi Berra and The Chinese Warrior: Developing a Winning R&D Strategy

“If you don’t know where you are going you might end up someplace else” -Yogi Berra “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” ― Sun Tzu Chinese Warrior & Strategist Can Yogi Berra and Sun Tzu help in crafting a winning R&D strategy in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing Life Science industry? Will their words of wisdom help companies manage the challenges they...

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PROGRAM + PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Quarterbacks Win Games and Coaches Deliver Championships

By:  Mark Lane, Consultant, TayganPoint Consulting Group “Did your last project end on time, but fail to deliver business value? Was it under budget, but didn’t achieve the ROI you were hoping for? If you answered yes, then what you need is program management!”  It sounds like the beginning of an infomercial, but the truth is, projects frequently do end on time and on budget, but fail to deliver the business value you and your...

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Ignorance Really Isn’t Bliss:  How to Know What You Don’t Know

By:  Molly Romano, Consultant, TayganPoint Consulting Group “We know what we know, we know that there are things we do not know, and we know that there are things we don’t know we don’t know”  —  Donald Rumsfeld We’ve all had it happen – you’re blindsided by a piece of new information that throws your project into a tailspin.   Everyone is wondering – how did that happen, where did it come from?   Or, if you’re lucky,...

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Hire Consultants: Squeezing the Most Value from a Consulting Engagement

Contributed by:  John Nolan, Consultant, TayganPoint Consulting Group PART I:  Before Your Consultant Even Walks Through the Door Consultants and the support they bring are often the key to the success of many organizations.  A good firm can help drive strategy, improve effectiveness and provide a flexible workforce that is qualified, motivated and ready at a moment’s notice.   The drawback of having this highly qualified army at your beckoned call is the price.  Considering the...

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Changing the Trajectory of Your Project When the Only Thing You Can Change is You

Contributed by:  Jackie Misiak, Consultant, TayganPoint Consulting Group Remember the movie Apollo 13?  There was a scene where the astronauts were stuck in space.  They had very little power.  They were running out of oxygen.  The team on the ground was tasked with figuring out how to get them back to earth.  The mission leader, stationed safely on the ground, pulled his team together in a conference room.  He outlined the challenge they were faced...

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Avoiding the Blank Stares: Developing a Strong Change Management Vision

Contributed by:  Sondra Leibner, Senior Consultant, TayganPoint Consulting Group “A vision always goes beyond the numbers…A vision says something that helps clarify the direction in which an organization needs to move,” says John Kotter, Change Management Guru.   A common thread links executives, from all walks of life, to one another.  At some point during their careers, each will be faced with leading some form of organizational change – large or small, self-created or mandated from...

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“What Gives!?” — Are You a Giving Organization?

Contributed by:  John Nolan, Consultant, TayganPoint Consulting Group “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead As we become a more global society with many organizations operating across city, state and country borders it is important to address how corporate philanthropy has become part of the equation. Many organizations give monetary donations to charities for the tax write off...

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