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IT Service Strategy

Challenge + Opportunity
The demand for new IT services at the Client was growing exponentially. Business units wanted to quickly take advantage of the latest technological advances to improve sales productivity and collaboration, oftentimes taking it upon themselves to launch services without consideration of scalability or long term impact on IT support resources. The New Service Creation Group was tasked with implementing IT Services with a more structured approach (aligned with ITIL’s IT Service Management framework) in order to control costs and gain operational efficiencies.

Long term benefits, impact to portfolios, market demand, and risk all required careful and deliberate evaluation. While a high level strategy existed, it lacked concrete methods to operationalize a new  service. An executable framework was needed so that high priority projects, such as mobile computing, could leverage the new approach to this high visibility initiative while adhering to newly adopted strategic guidelines.

Approach + Solution
TayganPoint addressed the challenge in three systematic stages:

  1. Create a new strategic model that ensured all IT new services were viewed holistically with regards to IT and Business segments benefits, impacts and risks
  2. Formulate a new service development process model through collaboration and consultation so that the process and service owners were aligned around a common understanding of the delivery stages.
  3. Select a high visibility project and implement it using the newly created process and measuring it against established KPI’s.

To manage change resulting from the impacts of this project, TayganPoint established a Communication/Education/Training (ETC) program to positively manage the acceptance and daily use of the solution elements and minimize business disruption to 2500 employees.

Results + Impact
As a result of working with TayganPoint Consulting, the Client recognized positive and on-going impacts on two significant areas of their business:

Information Technology

  • The new services delivery strategy would ensure consistently administered evaluation of projects, safeguarding against deviations that could result in costly and inappropriate application deployment.
  • New process steps allowed for timely vetting of new IT service projects resulting in faster cycle time if approved or removal from the project schedule.
  • Creation of durable tools that stakeholders could easily utilize to adhere to the delivery process stages.

Business Units

By using newly established processes the enterprise wide mobility launch of iPad/ iPhone technologies was completed, affording tangible benefits in employee productivity, sales effectiveness, and ultimately, reductions of costs associated with supporting multiple devices.

About TayganPoint

TayganPoint is a management consulting firm focused on dynamic business transformation. Aligning people, process, culture and technology, they combine deep experience in strategy alignment, process improvement, change management and program management with extensive industry knowledge in Life Science, Financial Services, Healthcare and Energy. TayganPoint delivers high value operations solutions that improve performance, delivering measurable and sustainable results to clients. Learn more at

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