Lean Six Sigma Workshop Recap

On February 16th, TayganPoint hosted its annual “Lean Six Sigma Introduction Workshop and Simulation” at Normandy Farms in Blue Bell, PA.

Leaders and executives throughout the health care, financial services, food services, retail, and legal services industries spent the day immersed in the concepts of organizational process management and improvement.  Participants were introduced to several Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, and had the opportunity to work with principal leadership at TayganPoint to discuss how to integrate the methods into their organizations.

The full-day event combined lecture, discussion, and a real-time simulation that included each phase of Six Sigma: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (also known as DMAIC).  While breaking down each phase of DMAIC, the group first learned how to recognize process issues, how to understand and measure their impact on the organization, how to identify and understand root-causes of process issues, how to formulate process improvements, and lastly how to sustain those improvements.

The stand out part of the workshop was the simulation.  The simulation required participants to work together as employees of a package delivery company. The team was challenged to deliver packages between customers throughout various locations, while satisfying several customer specific requirements.  Each “employee” was given an assigned role, which included everything from administration, supervision, sales, accounting, and management.  There were three rounds of the simulation— and upon completion of each round—the team analyzed their performance and developed improvements to implement for the next round.   Each round of the simulation corresponded with a different stage of Lean Six Sigma, which allowed the group to practice the application of newly learned skills and concepts.

Overall, participants enjoyed practicing the foundational tools of each phase in the fast-paced, hands-on simulation. By the end of the day, the groups fostered discussions around ways to strategically integrate the methodologies into their organizations long-term.  Though each participant began the day will a varying level of Lean Six Sigma knowledge, everyone ended the day with a solid understanding of the methodology, and they were enthusiastic to take home something uniquely applicable to their own experience.

If you’re interested in scheduling a Lean Six Sigma Workshop and Simulation for your organization, please contact info@tayganpoint.com


Contributed by: Lauren Ettlinger and Josh Holden  |  TayganPoint Consulting Group

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