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Opportunity Targeting: Fostering Increased Participation in Clinical Research | TayganPoint Consulting Group

Opportunity Targeting: Fostering Increased Participation in Clinical Research

Site feasibility and selection are complex decision-making processes, with geographic availability of sites represents only one of the factors used. While states with large populations naturally have larger numbers of active Principal Investigators, certain states with large numbers of physicians have a relatively low percentage of physicians actively involved in clinical research. New York, Illinois, Michigan, and New Jersey, for example all have percentages well below the national average of 11%.

While much has been written about the barriers to participation for both patients and doctors, and much effort has gone into becoming the “sponsor of choice”, these states represent an immediate opportunity for the CRO and SMO industries, as well as the medical community itself, to foster more active participation.

What can the pharmaceutical industry, or others, do to reach the 9 out of 10 doctors who either don’t participate or have participated previously and dropped out?

Contributed by Jeff Handen | Senior Consultant | TayganPoint Consulting Group | | LinkedIn

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