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Optimizing the Customer Engagement Model | TayganPoint Consulting Group

Optimizing the Customer Engagement Model

Our client is a leading global pharmaceutical company with a wide and diverse portfolio of brands across primary care, women’s health, oncology, and hospital.

Challenge + Opportunity
Trends in the healthcare industry are causing Pharmaceutical companies to reevaluate their global commercial models in order to find new ways to generate revenue, improve productivity, and ensure compliance with ever-changing regulatory guidelines. The quality and quantity of face-to-face interactions pharmaceutical sales representatives have with physicians continues to decline as physicians limit face-to-face meetings with sales professionals and seek alternative channels to interact with pharmaceutical companies.
Our client responded by reducing the size of their sales force and increasing investments in new, innovative marketing channels and multi-channel marketing campaigns. The program sponsor, the Head of the Global Multi-Channel Marketing Center of Excellence (MCM COE), is accountable for facilitating the creation of customer engagement strategies, assisting country leaders in the development of go-to-market models, helping to develop transformation plans, and accelerating deployment of new customer engagement models globally. Our client was keen to ensure that customer interactions were driven by customer preferences and behaviors versus the product-driven push communications of the past.
Our support was requested to help the MCM COE Leader design a governance framework to help executive leaders focus on industry trends, evaluate alternative go-to-market models, prioritize investments in global capabilities, measure performance, share experiences cross-country and successfully deploy new capabilities in countries. Our client also sought help in developing an effective way to support rapid, in-country marketing transformation, as country leaders looked to accelerate the shift to the new, innovative go-to-market models.
Our client needed to overcome two significant barriers — organizational resistance to this new approach and reliance on an aging operating model that inherently limited a holistic view of the customer. Our client knew that in order to meet their revenue, cost and customer experience targets, they needed to deploy customer engagement models that provide a complete view of the customer journey, and an understanding of customer preferences and behaviors. They also knew that a change in mindset was going to be required across the organization when this new way of doing business was implemented; this was especially true for marketing and sales professionals who would need to be educated on the merits of this new approach and incented to modify their behaviors and actions.

Approach + Solution
Based on our understanding of the current internal and external factors the client was facing, the TayganPoint team proposed to initiate the project with a focus on ensuring the senior leadership team was aligned on the global MCM Strategy and transformation plan. The intent was to articulate the desired business outcomes and define the business imperatives required to optimize customer engagement globally in order to produce those outcomes. In addition, the leaders needed to assess the global operating gap and identify, align and prioritize the strategic initiatives portfolio required to enable transformation.

Once aligned on strategic goals, the approach continued with the:

  • Design of a new customer engagement model that emphasized creating customer value as the key driver of business strategy, and underscored the importance of defining a customer strategy that integrated personal, remote and digital channels. All required to achieve the desired business outcomes.
  • The key performance measures and metrics of this newly defined customer engagement model were then identified and defined with the goal of creating a dashboard to quantify and manage progress toward business outcome goals. It also supported:
    • Sharing performance/best practices learned through deployment of customer engagement models across markets
    • Piloting of concepts/models for new ways of engaging with customers
  • A standard framework for deployment was then designed to facilitate acceleration of new go-to-market models within country teams charged with execution of the new customer engagement model and performance metrics. This framework was required to account for global, regional and local roles as all groups played an important part in the required transformation; and included a cross-country collaboration and best practice sharing process for leadership at all levels to guide global strategies and investments.
  • The deployment framework called for a re-alignment of core global processes to ensure focus on transformation, realization of business outcomes and the definition of a governance structure to prioritize global investments, select lead markets, manage transformation, and measure results.
  • Regular leadership coaching and guidance was provided to support accelerating global change and shifting mindset.
  • Finally, we developed and proposed a portfolio and program management structure that provided clear roles, responsibilities for the installation and deployment of the frameworks, processes and performance management architecture.

TayganPoint applied the following expertise:

  • Strategy development, alignment and execution
  • Operating model design and process improvement
  • Project leadership and program management
  • Organizational change management and coaching

Results + Impact
Shifting customer engagement models and the design of a global governance framework prepared our client to increase customer reach, expand breadth and depth of engagement with current customers and improve overall customer experience by providing access to timely, accurate and accessible information provided via preferred channels. By implementing this innovative approach, operating expenses would decrease by lowering the cost per engagement through the effective utilization of lower cost channels.

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