PLANNED 7 RELEASE: Core and EM Module Update

Core and EM Modules Update with Release 7 are on track to release on February 16th in support of Durham and West Point sites.

The release includes:

  • Allow use of Helium Particle Counting Instrument
  • Collect It! / EM Sampling Workflow Issues
  • Grouping of samples
  • Operations to be able to pause routine scheduling for an area
  • Create Personnel by Operations
  • EM Planning Visual Workflow – Missing numbers from table
  • Vent Filter Labels
  • Schedule Mobile Equipment
  • Managing EM Plans (EM Operational Area Screen)
  • EM Iso Report
  • Auto Plan EM Routine Schedules
  • Capture Replicate Number for EM Samples

The Global Team will support this release with design notes, supplemental training, and one-on-one meetings, as needed.  The Global Team is also developing an integration plan that includes new tools, interactive forums and communication channels to help enhance collaboration as we prepare sites for the release.

Looking forward to future releases, The Global Team, Communications, The Development Team and Sites will continue to work together to develop best practices for standard release integration.

Please reach out to your Global Business resources with additional questions:

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