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Business Process Improvement | TayganPoint Consulting Group

Business Process Improvement

Business processes are fundamental – they are the way work gets done.  Too often, expected results are undermined by ineffective processes.  Rethinking these processes can result in innovations and significant enhancements to both productivity and efficiency.  And the ability to analyze and improve in these areas is integral to any change agenda.

We are process improvement experts.  Our approach is to take a holistic view of developing and re-engineering business processes and organizational structures.  Our consultants bring deep functional experience, employ proven methodologies and approaches, and have years of experience leading process improvement initiatives.  We have the ability to scale from a single project to an enterprise-wide business transformation while maintaining a special sensitivity to the dynamics around your people, process, culture, and technology.

We deliver business process excellence.

Process & Capability Development

Many high-performing organizations establish an internal Process Center of Excellence Office, or similar group, to continuously drive business process improvement.  Over time, this becomes a core competency throughout the organization, creating a mindset that surfaces new, efficient practices and proficiently implements the changes.

TayganPoint is highly experienced at building and managing internal Business Process Improvement capabilities.

  • Develop the strategy, charter and governance structure for the internal Process Center of Excellence Office capability.
  • Select and prioritize business process improvement initiatives that support Enterprise Transformation, Functional Streamlining, or Individual Project goals.
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Provide training and ongoing support.

Portfolio of Initiatives

  • Identify a portfolio of business process improvement initiatives across the organization – Enterprise Transformation, Functional Streamlining as well as smaller individual projects.
  • Facilitate agreement on priorities within the portfolio.
  • Set up governance structures to ensure that the portfolio is effectively managed and business benefits are realized.

Enterprise Process Transformations & Management

At times, the best choice for positive change is actually a more dramatic, radical, enterprise-wide approach to improve business processes.

  • Identify key processes that require transformation.
  • Define the future state.
  • Align end-to-end processes across the organization.
  • Facilitate acceptance and implementation of the changes.
  • Create governance mechanisms such as process owners and councils to ensure that processes are effectively managed.
  • Establish procedures for ongoing process improvement at a strategic level, independent of individual initiatives.

Implementation & Business Outcomes

  • Charter and launch business process improvement initiatives.
  • Facilitate teams, employing the appropriate data-driven methodology tailored to your needs (Lean Sigma, DMAIC, DFSS, Hammer, Kaizen).
  • Business process mapping and analysis to document what is really going on, and illuminate opportunities to streamline and improve.

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