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IT Effectiveness & Transformation

The changing role of the CIO in a digital world

The role of Information Technology is undergoing a profound transformation. The IT function is, of course, expected to support the needs of the business. In addition, the CIO is expected to provide thought leadership and innovation to drive value. With our increased focus on customer engagement, revenue generation, business and operating models and new processes, this function faces more challenges than ever before.

The effective use of IT is a critical success factor. IT Effectiveness and Transformation are core capabilities of TayganPoint. Our technology experienced consultants guide you through the process of designing, building, and implementing an Information Technology organization that adds innovative, differentiating value to the enterprise.

TayganPoint’s Principal Consultant Joan Walker discusses IT’s evolution to a key business partner from a commodity level service.

Check out her findings from working with a newly appointed CIO and their changing role in a digital world. Her videos offer insights on key issues including:

  • Challenges of mobility; giving your sales force iPads vs. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • How do you resolve the challenges of policy, access and security?
  • How should a CIO approach the Cloud and Big Data?
  • What are the best ways to evaluate emerging technologies?


To talk about the changing role of the CIO, please contact Joan by email, LinkedIn or Twitter

IT Alignment

  • Is your IT Strategy aligned to the overall Business Strategy?
  • Do you have an appropriate governance model to oversee the IT portfolio, including business representatives? How effectively is it monitored?
  • Does the IT Portfolio support the key business imperatives?
  • Are proper metrics in place to measure effectiveness?

Operational Excellence

  • Are IT services clearly defined, meeting the expectations of internal and external customers?
  • How can internal IT processes be improved to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively?
  • What is the role of Shared Services & Outsourcing? How effective are they?
  • Does the IT team have the core competencies required to drive program management?
  • Are you adequately addressing business continuity and disaster recovery?

Large-Scale IT Initiatives

  • Is effective leadership and governance in place for your large-scale IT initiatives?
  • Have you considered the importance of a third-party to oversee the Program Office for large-scale initiatives?
  • Do your large-scale IT initiatives include Organizational Change Management and Communication readiness?
  • Have you undertaken risk assessment and mitigation for your large-scale IT initiatives?

U.S. Scientific Research Company    TayganPoint led the development of a 5-Year IT Strategy to close the gaps between IT and the business. The project included development of a future-state IT environment, identification of capabilities required to achieve the organization’s goals, and a technology solutions road-map which encompassed disaster recovery and contingency planning.

Global Healthcare Company    TayganPoint developed a Shared Services strategy to drive effectiveness, control costs and speed delivery of enterprise-wide global application development.  Selected for a track record of making strategy happen, the TayganPoint Consulting Group engaged in strategy execution, development of the operational model, and transition management.

Global Medical Device Company    TayganPoint provided guidance and leadership to achieve successful post-merger IT infrastructure integration, ensuring that the expected business value was delivered.  Project Management, Change Management & Communications support were provided during this project.

National Financial Services Company    A period of tremendous growth created a high volume of complex challenges to the IT organization.  TayganPoint provided demand and intake model planning to help IT better manage these challenges, resulting in improved capacity planning and optimum resource allocation.

Global Pharmaceutical Company    TayganPoint engaged in a multi-year Financial IT Transformation involving global budgeting, forecasting, and income consolidation systems and processes.  Working in a co-leadership capacity reporting to CFO, CIO, and Executive VP,  TayganPoint Consulting Group provided oversight of the Program Management Office (PMO), project leadership, and Change Management & Communications.

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Meet the IT Effectiveness Team

  • 20+ years leading and assisting companies with corporate IT Strategy
  • Ability to design and develop PMO/Governance Structure for large IT transformational programs and IT Portfolio Frameworks
  • Management of IT Service Management Life Cycle and IT Operating Model design, ITIL process strategy and support . Industry verticals include: Pharma, Legal and Technology.
  • 30 years of global Information Technology experience, covering all aspects of the IT function
  • Served as CIO for five multi-billion dollar companies
  • Experienced in developing and implementing IT strategies that enable business strategies, aligning IT investment with business priorities, and improving the execution ability of the IT function
  • 10+ years of IT solution design, development, and communication of business aligned corporate IT strategies and tools.
  • Focus areas include: IT Service Strategy, DR Strategy, IT Managed Service Strategy. Industry verticals include: Pharma, retail, technology and manufacturing.
  • Experienced with process design and improvement as well as engagement specific tools development and implementation.
  • 35 years of leadership experience directing and facilitating the design, development and communication of business aligned corporate IT strategy
  • Focus areas include: IT Service Strategy, DR Strategy, IT Managed Service Strategy and Network Services Strategy. Industries include: Pharma, retail, technology and manufacturing.
  • Ability to facilitate the full strategic life cycle: requirements gathering, interviews, functional requirements, technical architecture, roadmaps and program realization

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