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Program Management | TayganPoint Consulting Group

Program Management 

The stakes have gone up.  To achieve strategic impact, mission-critical enterprise-wide programs must be effectively coordinated and managed.  If execution falters, the very programs critical to the organization’s success can falter – or even fail.

Success is optimized with a well-designed and well-executed Program Management Office (PMO).  The PMO assumes full responsibility and accountability.  Our team understands that speed to benefits is essential. We hit the ground running, with years of program management experience.

From design to value realization, TayganPoint provides leadership, collaboration, best practices, and coordination across operational silos, change management, and project support.  Beyond timelines and milestones, our experience and focus drives achievement of your expected business benefits.

We deliver successful programs.

Create the Enterprise Program Management Office

  • Establish a governance structure and ensure active executive sponsorship.

Develop & Execute Program Plan

  • Identify and prioritize key initiatives.
  • Ensure a regular cadence with all stakeholders.
  • Identify and manage interdependencies and mitigate risk among initiatives.
  • Develop plans for active monitoring and management.
  • Develop Change Management and Communications plans.
  • Drive execution and maintain focus on benefits realization.

Project Management Support

  • Provide project leadership and support for individual projects with experienced resources, from initiation through execution.
  • Create a single, integrated master program plan with milestones for deliverables and resource allocations.
  • Develop individual plans for each project.
  • Develop and execute cross-organizational Change Management and Communications plans.
  • Provide knowledge transfer, training, and facilitation.
  • Drive business results.

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