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Sales, Marketing & Analytics

Technology and global market forces are creating exciting opportunities to re-think traditional methods of customer engagement.  The right mix of salesforce optimization, customer-centric marketing and big data analytics can improve top line results, create scale, and enable meaningful customization.

The very definition of “customer” is subject to change.  Pharmaceutical and life science customers now extend beyond prescribing physicians to include patients, payors, pharmacies and nurses.  Sophisticated analytics involving large data sets can yield invaluable insights for customer segmentation, and provide the right data to improve complex decisions such as global pricing models.  Additionally, regulatory risk must be diligently managed in the face of social media and email.

From strategy through execution, TayganPoint guides your transition to consistent, integrated, customer-centric Sales and Marketing across your brands and marketing channels.

We deliver customer engagement.

Strategy & Planning

  • Do you currently have an effective customer engagement model?
  • Have you defined and built an overall Multi-Channel Marketing roadmap and operating model?
  • Are your strategic Sales & Marketing priorities designed to improve ROI, revenues and customer loyalty?

Operations & Execution

  • Have you leveraged big data and analytics to gain new insights regarding sources of revenue, pricing and customer segmentation?
  • What changes in culture are necessary to create a differentiating, customer-centric, multi-channel customer brand experience?
  • Do your business processes align with and support your desired customer outcomes?
  • Do you have the right mix of salesforce and other channels to minimize costs and optimize revenues?

Global Pharmaceutical Company    TayganPoint assisted the client’s shift from traditional sales representative and physical promotion channels to innovative, cost-effective solutions.  These included digital channels and promotional assets. TayganPoint defined the overall Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy, Operating Model and Road-map to the new Operating Model.  The client improved response to customer needs and reached customers in unique ways, while maintaining revenues and reducing global operating expenses by $1B/year.

Multi-National Laboratory Equipment & Supplies Company    A unified, global Account Management transformation was developed and implemented to optimize customer relationships. Silos including pricing, customer engagement, and P & L’s were integrated for an improved, unified customer experience.

Global Pharmaceutical Company Post-Merger    This project harmonized and integrated business processes after a merger and acquisition, to support and implement the company’s Top 10 Sales and Marketing strategic initiatives. TayganPoint formed the Program Management Office and provided leadership to achieve the expected benefits.

Global Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Company    Developed and re-engineered consistent, customer-centric business processes for expert physician engagement company-wide.  Efficiency and satisfaction increased as the company moved to a globally-integrated, high-touch approach to professional engagement with uniform regulatory compliance.

F100 Global Telecommunications Company    Employed voice of the customer and data analytics to identify opportunities to centralize and integrate silos of communications for retail employees.  Outcomes were improved employee efficiency, time-savings and customer service.

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