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Strategy Alignment & Execution | TayganPoint Consulting Group

Strategy Alignment & Execution

Setting the right strategy is not easy.  Changes in mature or emerging markets, competition, performance gaps, declining profits, or pressure for growth can all be catalysts for strategy re-evaluation.  Aligning your organization to effectively implement the strategy is even more challenging.

To succeed, there cannot be a weak link at any stage.  We work with your teams to define and implement winning strategies, tailored to your situation.  Our collaborative approach, depth of industry knowledge, expertise across functions, and highly-experienced consultants create impactful results.

From strategy through execution, we partner with you through all stages. Our team ensures that you stay on target to reach your strategic goals and realize the business rewards.

We make strategy happen.

Strategy Development & Alignment

Setting strategy requires foresight, vision, and commitment.  We work with you to define the future state of your company or function, and the right game plan to get there.

  • Clearly define strategic goals and develop strategy options through a disciplined methodology tailored to your needs.
  • Identify key capabilities and critical success factors.
  • Develop customer and service / product priorities.

Strategy Execution & Communication

The gap between knowing and doing can be substantial. Plans are developed to translate strategy into action, and are optimized for success.  Resources across the organization are now directed to the actions and behaviors required to effectively execute the strategy.

  • Develop detailed implementation plans for the selected strategic initiatives.
  • Develop change management plans to create understanding, consensus and focus across the organization.
  • Identify areas of performance misalignment through organizational alignment assessments.
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities, and measurements.

Business Outcomes

Strategy is an ongoing response to your ever-changing environment.  It is not a “once a year” exercise.  We make sure that operational execution is aligned with your strategic initiatives. Incentives and practices reinforcing old behaviors are eliminated and replaced. As you move forward, metrics provide alerts to tweak and refine your strategy.

  • Identify your key strategic goals and the business imperatives required to achieve those goals.
  • Establish key performance indicators, KPIs and metrics for goal realization and align them throughout the organization.
  • Monitor metrics and adjust strategy as necessary.

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