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Supply Chain | TayganPoint Consulting Group

Supply Chain

Do you have your best supply chain?  One that is efficient, effective, and driving shareholder value?  A company may have one or multiple supply chains, to serve various customer requirements.  Regardless of number, supply chains are complex and require end-to-end integration and engagement by the entire organization. There are lots of moving parts.

We ensure your supply chain process is aligned to your business strategy in the most efficient and effective ways possible.  We improve performance while reducing risk.  Driven by an understanding of product and delivery data, we identify true costs and ensure reliable speed to market.  From strategy through execution our experienced team is beside you to guarantee you successfully implement the plan, and receive the benefits as your strategy becomes reality.

We deliver end-to-end.

Strategy & Planning

  • Is your supply chain strategy aligned to the company’s business strategy?
  • Have you established a clear supply chain vision with alignment throughout the organization?
  • Does your supply chain reliably meet your customers’ expectations?
  • Which parts of the supply chain must be world-class? Which parts of the supply chain should you not be managing on your own?

Operations & Execution

  • Which supply chain functions should be in-house? Would Shared Services & Outsourcing be beneficial?
  • Are demand forecasts accurate? Is there alignment between demand planning models and sales strategies?
  • Are you optimizing the use of data to drive decision-making? Do you have the right data to understand true costs and measure performance?
  • Have you implemented driver-based supply chain practices?

Multi-National Pharmaceutical Company    TayganPoint worked with the company’s Regulatory and Supply Chain functions to improve processes and information to align Regulatory approval timelines and Supply Chain.

Power Generation Company    This multi-year project involved evaluation of alternative transportation logistics for supply allocation and delivery to geographically challenging areas, and regulatory submissions.

Global Life Sciences Company    Developed cost per unit metrics and aligned supply chain and demand management modelling.  Understanding true costs resulted in improved pricing negotiations and margins as well as a drastic reduction in discards.

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