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The Role of Technology and Innovation in Healthcare: Driving Business Success

Vitalized by technology-driven advances, yet constrained by complexity, healthcare and the ecosystem of the healthcare industry – pharma, biotech, providers, payers, government – is also changing at an accelerated rate. Regulatory and reporting requirements, patient-centricity expectations, and socio-demographic factors are bringing supply chain, R&D, and sales and marketing challenges to...

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IT Process Assessment and Improvement

Client The Client’s Financial Services organization is a wholly-owned subsidiary exclusively focused on leasing its equipment to customers. Challenge + Opportunity The Client was preparing for a newly acquired portfolio of business and, at the same time, recognized that there was a perceived lack of transparency into IT processes. The...

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How to Secure Intellectual Property from Loss or Compromise

Nate Lord  |  Tuesday January 10, 2017  |  Digital Guardian 28 data protection experts weigh in with tips on securing intellectual property in its many forms. Intellectual property is often among an organization’s most valuable assets, yet it’s also vulnerable to threat and compromise, particularly the vast amounts of intellectual...

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State of the Art IT Portfolio Management…Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

Our previous article, Order from Chaos, The Building Blocks of Value Driven IT Portfolio Management, highlighted the pervasive problem of large enterprises having more proposed IT project investments than can be funded or staffed simultaneously.  Launching too many simultaneous projects results in slow progress, project overlaps and conflicts, and ultimately...

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Order from Chaos: The Building Blocks of Value Driven IT Portfolio Management

Most executives are familiar with the situation of having more proposed IT project investments than can be funded or staffed in a given budget cycle. Attempting to execute too many simultaneous projects spreads people and funding much too thinly across the initiatives, resulting in slow progress, project overlap, conflict, and...

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