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LEAN in Pharma — It’s Not Just for Manufacturing Anymore

LEAN principles are well known in pharmaceutical manufacturing where they have gained popularity in reducing inventory and increasing productivity — often without the need for capital investment.  But, in spite of these benefits, some LEAN programs become stale over time because they fail to innovate — they continue to leverage...

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Process Improvement for Leasing Operations

Client The Client’s Financial Services organization is a wholly-owned subsidiary exclusively focused on leasing its equipment to customers. Challenge + Opportunity The Client had an urgent need to better understand their current end-to-end core processes, and ultimately, implement sustainable improvements that would deliver an enhanced customer experience while positively impacting...

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Business Process Improvement for Print / Mail / Fulfillment

Client The Client is the sixth largest public life insurer in the world, with a highly decentralized structure. It was recognized that they had an opportunity to leverage the scale and buying power of existing print, mail and fulfillment activities (PMF). The executive steering committee also agreed that, concurrent to...

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Lean Six Sigma Workshop Recap

On February 16th, TayganPoint hosted its annual “Lean Six Sigma Introduction Workshop and Simulation” at Normandy Farms in Blue Bell, PA. Leaders and executives throughout the health care, financial services, food services, retail, and legal services industries spent the day immersed in the concepts of organizational process management and improvement. ...

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Organizational Change: Reconnaissance is the Best Form of Defense

A lifetime ago, as an intern, I spent days building naive and earnest arguments against a request for an “Underground Conditions Allowance”. Essentially, a group of tunnel construction workers was requesting additional compensation for the damp and adverse conditions they endured in their daily work. While my arguments against this...

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Friends or Enemies: Process Improvement and Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

“Process stifling our innovation”!  “These extra meetings slow down our decision-making”! “Project management is distracting us from the real work that needs to get done”! “We have zero flexibility”! Unfortunately, these are commonly held beliefs in many organizations that believe having process discipline and rigor negatively impact productivity.  Consider what...

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