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Opportunity Targeting: Fostering Increased Participation in Clinical Research

Site feasibility and selection are complex decision-making processes, with geographic availability of sites represents only one of the factors used. While states with large populations naturally have larger numbers of active Principal Investigators, certain states with large numbers of physicians have a relatively low percentage of physicians actively involved in...

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Why do Clinical Studies Fail to Complete?

According to, 3% (n=361) of all Phase 3 studies started from 2013 through 2017 terminated early. While that appears to be a relatively low rate, each of these instances represents millions to tens of millions of dollars in expenditure. Low Enrollment Highlighting the challenges with feasibility, incorporating Quality by...

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Managing a Portfolio of Drug Development Projects: How to Find More Certainty in an Uncertain World

The drug development business is fraught with uncertainty.  Unpredictability in discovering and testing new molecular compounds or biologics – ranging from the scientific, operational, financial, regulatory, and organizational – are inherent parts of the process. This article is not about forever-eliminating uncertainty in the drug development process; that will never...

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The Hammers and Nails of R&D Portfolio Management:  A Fool With a Tool is Still a Fool 

After attending a recent R&D portfolio and resource management conference, and listening to presenters from both large, established, and rising star pharmaceutical companies and life science organizations, we were surprised to hear how many companies were grappling with issues related to transparency and consistency of data, the ability to drive...

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