Dave Jacobs


A Senior Consultant at TayganPoint, Dave brings more than 10 years of business experience advising and working with many major corporations in the country. His areas of expertise include strategy formulation and system implementation, business process improvement, education training facilitation, and data collection and reporting.

Dave most recently worked for Omnicare Pharmacy which is a long term care pharmacy servicing Nursing and Assistant Living facilities. Dave quickly moved up through the ranks to become a project manager of a team that implemented an electronic medical records system in those homes. He later became a corporate trainer for new hires for the entire Northeast region. Most recently Dave joined the TayganPoint team as a senior analyst. Dave has received multiple awards for his hard work and dedication for going above and beyond for the customer and the company.

Recent Projects Include:

  • Joined our team for BMS working on the NACC project. Handled all data reporting of new employees entering and employees exiting the NACC.  Put together weekly staffing reports on all movement between departments.  Helped put together Knowledge Transfer curriculums for new employees.
  • Worked with GS1US on process mapping all of their current procedures. Was in charge scheduling all meetings, running company’s share point website, and collection of data for each department.  Worked on making major improvements for the future state of the company with new systems coming on board.
  • Joined our team at Merck pharmaceuticals working on change management.  Collected data on multiple products that were going through manufacturing changes.   Supplied spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations on ways to improve processes, education, and bottom line.
  • Led all new hire training for the Northeast region of Omnicare. Facilitated online and classroom setting educational classes.  Created many training materials and worked with corporate managers to implement new system programs for orientation and job specific roles.
  • Project Manager of a system implementation team to teach all employees a new electronic medical records system. Coordinated with facility administrators and medical directors on schedules, and daily activities.  Developed change management programs to improve current processes.
  • Led Medical Billing team to get all claims paid with third party insurance companies at the pharmacy. Trained new employees on all billing practices and procedures.  Processed monthly rejection reports and distributed individual files to the team to complete.

Education, Certifications, Thought Leadership & Awards:

  • Bachelor of Science in Sports Management, West Virginia University
  • Minors in Business Administration and Communications
  • Earned multiple High Five awards for going the extra mile for the customer at Omnicare Pharmacy

In the Community:

An active contributor to his community, Dave is a constant volunteer for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Association.  He also volunteers at local schools for underprivileged children.


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