Hans Irr

Hans Irr



Hans Irr has more than 22 years of business management, process design and improvement, and project management experience in the Life Sciences, Technology and Manufacturing industries. He specializes in process improvement tool development, process change and implementation, data analysis, and database prototyping design.

Hans’ strength is the ability to quickly understand and analyze existing client programs and processes, and engineer solutions for greater efficiencies and productivity.

Prior to joining TayganPoint Consulting, Hans was the founder of a company specializing in designing and building custom three-dimensional projects. This experience has provided him with insights into running every aspect of a business from sales and administration, to project management and overseeing production functions. Hans joined TayganPoint consulting in 2006.

Recent Projects Include:

  • Designed and implemented a site wide chemical/hazardous waste tracking system using RFID technology for an 8,000 employee pharmaceutical research/production facility.
  • Managed an ongoing initiative in compliance with a consent decree, thereby helping the client reduce their risk and satisfying the decree.
  • Designed and implemented a site wide chemical inventory reference system meeting EPA requirements.
  • Developed and implemented a predictive tool for chemical/material sewering based upon manufacturing production plans.
  • Developed, designed and implanted a chemical/hazardous waste regulatory tracking system for large pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.
  • Worked to develop an end-to-end process map of an entire global pharmaceutical regulatory submission process.
  • Developed and implemented a data collection and analysis system for new chemical/material sewering requests.
  • Coordinated the project effort inclusive of Work Plans, Project Scope and Project Documentation.

Education, Certifications, Thought Leadership & Awards:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Lehigh University
  • MBA Classes at Moravian College
  • BPMN Training

In the Community:

An active contributor to his community, Hans has provided pro bono design and graphic production services as well as 14+ years coaching / management in CYO Sports and programs.


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