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The Need for Speed: Shortening the IT Timeline | TayganPoint Consulting Group

The Need for Speed: Shortening the IT Timeline

By:  Jackie Misiak, Consultant, TayganPoint
Topics:  IT Transformation
Date:  July 15, 2015
Publication:  TayganPoint Quarterly Newsletter (Summer 2015)

It’s daunting – being stuck in a holding pattern as you look eagerly to your IT team to implement the technology components of your business transformation.  To compound your growing (yet controlled) impatience, you begin to see the dollar signs growing around this area of your project as well.

If you have been responsible for a transformation or process improvement where your project required an IT solution, you have probably struggled with both the timing and the associated cost.  Whether you are modifying an existing application, implementing a new one, or leveraging third-party software as a service to meet new requirements, the struggle is the same.  IT appears to move too slowly and be too costly.

What if there was a way you could mitigate the challenges and shorten the IT timeline?

Read the full version of this article in TayganPoint’s Summer 2015 Newsletter.

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