Your Company Is Leaking: Tackling IT Portfolio Management Challenges

Companies leak value. They leak value all the time. They leak a lot of value. Regardless of whether they are public or private, their valuation is reduced because they leak value.

For life science companies, the situation is even worse. Life science companies are in the business of discovering, developing and marketing life-saving and life-enhancing therapies and medical devices, and when life science companies leak value it impacts lives.

How do companies leak value? Value leaks when companies invest their scarce free cash flow and their limited employee time in projects, and those projects don’t deliver their promised benefits.

IT project investments are notorious for value leakage. For years, CIOs and business leaders have expressed a high level of frustration with unsatisfactory outcomes from seemingly endless infusions of time and money.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that this is a solvable problem, and it is a problem that can be solved without resorting to bleeding edge technology, without taking high-risk actions, and, in many cases, without incremental investment.

The better news is that your competitors are also leaking value from their IT investments, and with a few focused changes to how you run your organization, you can accelerate your results over theirs.

The following trinity of articles begins to lay out a roadmap, in practical and pragmatic terms, of an improvement program that can increase the value you receive from your IT investments, and reduce the level of investment required to generate that value.


Chas Hartwig  |  TayganPoint Consulting Group  |  |  @chashartwig

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