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Change Management & Communications Implementation


The client is the 12th largest publisher in the world, with some 5000 staff based in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. It has three major lines of business: global research and professional journals, higher education, and professional development and certification.

Challenge + Opportunity

The client realized that the selection and integration of an ERP platform could meaningfully reduce work and specifically eliminate dozens of manual data integrations needed in the current 20 system state, provide better data and analytics and, at the same time, standardize many processes and systems that had been allowed to operate independently.

TayganPoint was invited to collaborate with both client staff and the system integrator to build and execute a change management and change communications strategy to support the project team and project stakeholders through a multiple release schedule that stretched over more than two years.

Approach + Solution

Dedicated Team – One of the key tag lines for the ERP Program was “on time and on budget”. The client had struggled in the past with many larger projects that it had tried to implement, running into scope-creep and competing resources making it hard to meet delivery dates and budgets. One aspect that made this ERP project different from those in the past was that a dedicated team of client, integrator and Change Management (CM) subject matter experts was established to focus solely on the change management /communication requirements of the ERP implementation.

Comprehensive Communications – TayganPoint created a communication program that engaged and leveraged the communications channels familiar to the client and their global staff. Working to use the existing communication channels, the CM team developed content to support the program that covered a variety of media, with customized messaging based on audience. This truly comprehensive approach allowed the team to prepare and drive critical stakeholder groups forward and through the change process.

Comprehensive Training Program – TayganPoint oversaw a “Just in Time” training approach that engaged end users in traditional face-to-face classroom training. This was augmented by online learning and on the job training. Learners were targeted for one, two or all three of these modalities based on the nature of their work and how the ERP would impact their roles. This collaborative approach allowed the team to deliver comprehensive training to end users in the days right before they would need it, eliminating the knowledge loss that comes with the passing of time.

Active Care – TayganPoint oversaw an in-depth post go live support program entitled Active Care. To insure that the ERP transition progressed smoothly for end users and their teams, subject matter experts were made available face to face and over the phone and email to answer questions, address issues and escalate any true problems to the tech team for immediate resolution. The Active Care  support gave users confidence that a safety net to support their successful utilization of the new tool.

Results + Impact

Simplifying The implementation of the new ERP has allowed for a simplification of the client’s systems across their global landscape. The client was currently using 20 systems, 90 modules, 300+ sub-modules, and 830 interfaces to conduct their business. With implementation of the new ERP the client is using a single global system, enabling standard data definition and detailed information capture.  Implementation realized the goals of increased data transparency.

Standardizing – Implementing the ERP platform has allowed the acquired companies to take steps toward full integration within the processes and systems they now use for their financials. This move has allowed for a level of scalability that was not previously available – the client can now scale efficiently and integrate acquisitions into global systems and day-to-day operations. The process efficiencies embedded in the ERP has led to company-wide efficiency and the reduction of the cost of operations.

Optimizing – The optimization of the systems through ERP has improved customer retention, due to increased visibility into the customer processes and expanded marketing and strategy efforts. Customer service has been improved by decreasing the amount of time that needed to assemble and analyze product data information across the business and its geographies.

Through release 1 (U.S. and Canada Finance and Operations) of the ERP implementation, the program is on time and on budget – a first for this client.

About TayganPoint

TayganPoint is a management consulting firm focused on dynamic business transformation. Aligning people, process, culture and technology, they combine deep experience in strategy alignment, process improvement, change management and program management with extensive industry knowledge in Life Science, Financial Services, Healthcare and Energy. TayganPoint delivers high value operations solutions that improve performance, delivering measurable and sustainable results to clients. Learn more at

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